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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-02The demand for currency in MaltaGrech, Aaron George
2017Did Malta's accession to the EU raise its potential growth? : a focus on the foreign workforceGrech, Aaron George
2015-09The diversification of the Maltese economyGrech, Aaron George
2014An estimate of the possible impact of lower electricity and water tariffs on the Maltese economyGrech, Aaron George
2015Evaluating the possible impact of pension reforms on elderly poverty in EuropeGrech, Aaron George
2015The evolution of the Maltese economy since IndependenceGrech, Aaron George
2015The financial crisis and differences in state pension generosity across EU countriesGrech, Aaron George
2013-04How best to measure pension adequacyGrech, Aaron George
2017The impact of pension age changes - the case of MaltaGrech, Aaron George
2014Investigating potential output using the Hodrick-Prescott filter : an application for MaltaGrech, Aaron George
2015The macroeconomic impact of the income tax reductions in MaltaGrech, Aaron George
2014Pension policy design : the core issuesGrech, Aaron George
2015Pension policy design changes in EU countries since the mid‐1990sGrech, Aaron George
2013Pension reform sustainability in the EU : a pension wealth-based frameworkGrech, Aaron George
2015Pension reforms in the 1990s and during the financial crisis : more of the same?Grech, Aaron George
2015Pension reforms since the financial crisis could have a serious impact on the future retirement incomes of young EuropeansGrech, Aaron George
2016-04The possible impact of pension age changes on Malta’s potential outputGrech, Aaron George
2015Structural changes in the Maltese economyGrech, Aaron George
2016-12Trends in Malta’s current account and their underlying causesGrech, Aaron George; Rapa, Noel
2015-12Understanding the macroeconomic impact of migration in MaltaGrech, Aaron George