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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Genetic and nongenetic studies of schizophreniaGrech, Anton
2007Hi-end spatial information technologies : a case for mental healthFormosa, Saviour; Agius, Mark; Grech, Anton; Pace, Charles
2016-12The interphase between family medicine and mental healthGrech, Anton; Axiak, Sally; Gerada, Clare
2017Lack of leisure time : a cause of psychological distress in international medical graduatesGrech, Anton; Taylor-East, Rachel
2013The mental health of newly graduated doctors in MaltaTaylor-East, Rachel; Grech, Anton; Gatt, Caroline
2014The multidisciplinary approach to mood disordersFalzon Aquilina, Francesca; Agius, Mark; Sharma, Kriti; Grech, Anton
2015A national snapshot of substance misuse among child and adolescent psychiatric inpatients in MaltaGrech, Anton; Axiak, Sally
2017-01Practical implications of pharmacogenetics in antidepressant treatment : the case of amitriptylineMifsud Buhagiar, Luana; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; LaFerla, Godfrey; Grech, Anton
2014Psychotropic medication and pregnancyGrech, Anton
2017The role of pharmacogenetics in rediscovering old drugs : spotlight on amitriptylineMifsud Buhagiar, Luana; Grech, Anton; Casha, Marilyn; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; LaFerla, Godfrey
2019Safety implications of low-dose amitriptyline in neuropathic painMifsud Buhagiar, Luana; Casha, Marilyn; Grech, Anton; Micallef, Benjamin; Borg, John Joseph; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; LaFerla, Godfrey
2010Socio-economic status and population density risk factors for psychosis : prospective incidence study in the Maltese IslandsCamilleri, Nigel; Grech, Anton; Taylor-East, Rachel
2016Stigma in Malta : a Mediterranean perspectiveAgius, Mark; Falzon Aquilina, Francesca; Pace, Charles; Grech, Anton
2019-12A survey of energy drinks consumption amongst medical students and foundation year doctors in MaltaGrech, Anton; Axiak, Sally; Pace, Lara; Vella Fondacaro, Daniel