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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018High out-of-pocket health spending in countries with a Mediterranean connectionGrima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo Michael; Camilleri, Carl; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2019The impact of non-performing loans on the profitability of listed Euro-Mediterranean commercial banksPsaila, Ayrton; Spiteri, Jonathan; Grima, Simon
2020The impact of regulatory pressures on governance on the performance of public banks’ with a European Mediterranean region connectionGauci, Glen; Grima, Simon
2019The impact of the general data protection regulation on the financial services’ industry of small European statesXuereb, Kieran; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank; Farrugia, Andre; Marano, Pierpaolo
2019The implications and relevance of a tax exemption for co-operatives : the case of a small European stateBaldacchino, Peter J.; Portelli, Julia; Grima, Simon
2019International business cooperation as an opportunity to increase competitiveness and to generate new jobs : the case of KosovoKukaj, Halil; Morina, Fisnik; Misiri, Valdrin; Grima, Simon
2014Investigating causality effects in return volatility among five major futures markets in European countries with a Mediterranean connectionOzen, Ercan; Ozdemir, Letife; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2017Investigating factors predicting derivative mishandling : a sociological perspectiveGrima, Simon; Seychell, Sharon; Bezzina, Frank
2019The Maltese financial services industry’s perception on the regulators : an empirical analysisScicluna, Lara; Seychell, Sharon; Spiteri, Jonathan; Grima, Simon
2016Misuse of derivatives : considerations for internal controlGrima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank; Romanova, Inna
2017The ORSA requirement : insurance practitioners’ concernsGrima, Simon
2016The participation of the small shareholder in the annual general meeting : a reflection of good corporate governance?Baldacchino, Peter J.; Camilleri, Amy; Cutajar, Isabel; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2018The payment services directive 2 and competitiveness : the perspective of European fintech companiesRomanova, Inna; Grima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan; Kudinska, Marina
2014Potential impact of IT-directed investor relationship management on employmentLele, Pascal; Bezzina, Frank; Zhao, Ronald; Grima, Simon; Klein, Robert W.; Kattuman, Paul
2019The PRIMO FORTE framework for good governance in public, private and civic organisations : an analysis on small EU statesKruf, Jack P.; Grima, Simon; Kizilkaya, Murat; Spiteri, Jonathan; Slob, Wouter; O'Dea, John
2019Property tax and local finance of Kosovo - an overviewAsllani, Gani; Grima, Simon
2014Risk management practices adopted by financial firms in MaltaBezzina, Frank; Grima, Simon; Mamo, Josephine
2017The role of the Maltese Public Accounts Committee in public financeBaldacchino, Peter J.; Bartolo, Christine; Grima, Simon
2017Selected behavioural factors in client-initiated auditor changes : the client-auditor perspectivesBaldacchino, Peter J.; Caruana, Rosalene; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2019Sources of finance in the igaming industry : the case of MaltaMamo, Marshia; Seychell, Sharon; Grima, Simon