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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09-01Flogging a dead horse or creating cultural capacity? The development and impact of mines as alternative tourist destinations : a case study of South Wales, UKJones, Andrew; Flynn, Kathryn; Flynn, Kathryn
2014-12-01Global environmental change and small island states and territories : economic and labour market implications of climate change on the tourism sector of the Maltese IslandsJones, Andrew
2013-02-07Identifying the ‘emotional hot buttons’ : tourism, climate change and coastal destinations : problems, challenges, resolutionsJones, Andrew
2016-02-07International hospitality and tourism education - truly transnational? Current issues and challengesJones, Andrew
2016Island tourism -- MaltaJones, Andrew; Jafari, Jafar; Xiao, Honggen
1998Issues in waterfront regeneration : more sobering thoughts : a UK perspectiveJones, Andrew
2016-07-01PM4SD as a methodological framework for sustainable tourismJones, Andrew; Cardia, Giusy
2011-12-01PrefaceJones, Andrew
2017-11A rapidly changing climate in an era of increasing global carbon emissionsGaldies, Charles; Jones, Andrew; Phillips, Michael
2008Re inventing destinations : cooking up a new Wales - from no where to somewhere?Jones, Andrew; Jenkins, Ian; CAUTHE
2017-10-01Recognizing problems, managing solutions, future expectationsJones, Andrew; Phillips, Mike; Jones, Andrew
2016-10-07Regenerating urban waterfronts - creating better futures - from commercial and leisure market places to cultural quarters and innovation districtsJones, Andrew
2015-11-02Risk, hazards and resilience – tourism, climate change, Malta and the MediterraneanJones, Andrew
2015-02-07Sea changes - climate change Malta and the Mediterranean : anecdotally speakingJones, Andrew
2017-02Sustainable tourism : developing local capacity frameworks : the COLEAD (Cooperating for Leadership in Tourism) InitiativeJones, Andrew; Barbone, Silvia; Cardia, Giusy; Carlisle, Sheena
2015-06-22Threats to the ‘blue economy’ - tourism, climate change, Malta and the MediterraneanJones, Andrew
2008-01-01Tourism infrastructure and the coastal zone : management changeJones, Andrew; Phillips, Mike; Krishnamoorthy, R
2007Tourism resorts closed for business? : Climate change, erosion threats and coastal tourism : future choices for sustaining coastal tourism destinationsJones, Andrew; Phillips, Mike; CAUTHE
2011-12-01UK coastal tourism destinations : assessment of perceived climate impacts : issues for destination management, local governance and public policy makingJones, Andrew
1997Urban conservation issues in Brunei Darussalam : the case of Brunei's water villagesJones, Andrew