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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Conservation and management of Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean maerl bedsBarbera, Carmen; Bordehore, Cesar; Borg, Joseph A.; Glemarec, M.; Grall, J.; Hall-Spencer, Jason M.; Huz, Ch. De la; Lanfranco, Edwin; Lastra, Mariano; Moore, P. G.; Mora, J.; Pita, M. E.; Ramos Esplá, Alfonso A.; Sanchez-Mata, Adoracion; Seva, A.; Schembri, Patrick J.; Valle, Carlos; Rizzo, Miraine
2002-12A contribution to the freshwater macroalgal flora of the Maltese IslandsLanfranco, Edwin
1997Contribution to the knowledge of benthic marine algae on rocky substrata of the Maltese Islands (Mediterranean Sea)Cormaci, Mario; Lanfranco, Edwin; Borg, Joseph A.; Buttigieg, Sylvana; Furnari, Giovanni; Micalle, Shirley; Mifsud, Carmen; Pizzuto, F.; Scammacca, Blasco; Serio, Donatella
2005-11Coupling of vegetational change with change in coastal sand-dune morphology at Berkoukech (north-western Tunisia)Cassar, Louis F.; Conrad, Elisabeth; Role, Avertano; Lanfranco, Edwin; Rizzo, Miraine; Lanfranco, Sandro
1998Does fishing have an impact on Maltese maerl grounds?Borg, Joseph A.; Rizzo, Miraine; Mifsud, Jael R.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Schembri, Patrick J.
1989Fjuri komuni Maltin - 2Lanfranco, Edwin
1996The flora and fauna of the Mosta areaLanfranco, Edwin; Lanfranco, Sandro
2000The flora and fauna of the Naxxar areaLanfranco, Sandro; Lanfranco, Edwin
1997The flora and vegetation of GozoLanfranco, Edwin
2009-12Habitat structure and biological characteristics of a maerl bed off the northeastern coast of the Maltese Islands (central Mediterranean)Sciberras, Marija; Rizzo, Miraine; Mifsud, Jael R.; Camilleri, Katielena; Borg, Joseph A.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Schembri, Patrick J.
1985Hxejjex komunissimiLanfranco, Edwin
1993Il-faqqieghLanfranco, Edwin
2000Il-flora u l-veġetazzjoni ta' Ħal KirkopLanfranco, Edwin
1989Il-pjanti vaskulari endemici tal-gzejjer MaltinLanfranco, Edwin
1996Introduced species in the Maltese IslandsSchembri, Patrick J.; Lanfranco, Edwin
1990Is-SafsafaLanfranco, Edwin
2015It was only a matter of time : occurrence of Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agardh var. distichophylla (Sonder) Verlaque, Huisman and Procaccini in the Maltese Islands (Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae, Caulerpaceae)Schembri, Patrick J.; Barbara, Jacqueline; Deidun, Alan; Lanfranco, Edwin; Lanfranco, Sandro
2018Joe Sultana (11th November 1939 - 11th Sepember 2018) : an appreciationLanfranco, Edwin
1987L-OrkidiLanfranco, Edwin
2007La dinamica sedimentologica e lo sviluppo delle dune costiereLanfranco, Sandro; Cassar, Louis F.; Camilleri, Alex; Lanfranco, Edwin