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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-02-18Gala concert (programme)Laus, Michael
2009-01-31Grand concert programmeMalta Philharmonic Orchestra; Laus, Michael
2006-01-14Grand concert programmeThe National Orchestra; Ministry of Tourism & Culture; Laus, Michael
2010-01-30Grand concert programmeMalta Philharmonic Orchestra; Laus, Michael
2001-10-05Jennifer Micallef, Glen Inga (programme)Manoel Theatre; Bohuslav, Martinu; Saint-Saens, Camille; Mendelssohn, Felix; National Orchestra; Micallef, Jennifer; Inanga, Glen; Laus, Michael
2013-01-06Kuncert tal-president ghas-sena l-gdida (programme)Office of the President of Malta; Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment; Maltese Council for the Culture and the Arts; Malta Philharmonic Orchestra; Laus, Michael
1994-01-14Madama butterfly (theater programme)The Secretariat for Tourism; The Mediterranean Conference Centre; Laus, Michael
2002-02-02Malta International Airport 10th anniversary concert (programme)Malta Philharmonic Orchestra; Laus, Michael; Buhagiar, Dion; Laus, Michael
1995-10-02The Maltese Cross (programme)La Valletta Fifth Centenary Celebrations Committee; Fondazzjoni Operistika Manoel; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Mehring, Wolfram; Laus, Michael
2001-11-20Miriam Gauci in concert (programme)Aon Malta Limited; The National Orchestra; Manoel Theatre; Laus, Michael
1997-04-29Orchestral concert (programme)Malta Red Cross Society; Laus, Michael
2005-05-16Orchestral concert (programme)National Orchestra; Manoel Theatre; Laus, Michael
1995-12-05An orchestral concert (programme)Laus, Michael
1996-11-26Simon Schembri in an Orchestral concertThe Management of the Manoel Theatre; Laus, Michael; Schembri, Simon