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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Enhanced ion binding by the benzocrown receptor and a carbonyl of the aminonaphthalimide fluorophore in water-soluble logic gatesDiacono, Andreas; Aquilina, Marie Claire; Calleja, Andrej; Agius, Godfrey; Gauci, Gabriel; Szaciłowski, Konrad; Magri, David C.
2018A fluorescent AND logic gate based on a ferrocene-naphthalimide-piperazine format responsive to acidity and oxidizabilitySpiteri, Jake C.; Johnson, Alex D.; Denisov, Sergey A.; Jonusauskas, Gediminas; McClenaghan, Nathan D.; Magri, David C.
2009A fluorescent AND logic gate driven by electrons and protonsMagri, David C.
2017A fluorescent combinatorial logic gate with Na+, H+-enabled OR and H+-driven low-medium-high ternary logic functionsSpiteri, Jasmine M. A.; Mallia, Carl J.; Scerri, Glenn J.; Magri, David C.
2017Fluorescent photoinduced electron transfer (PET) logic gates for acidity (pH) and redox potential (pE)Magri, David C.; Johnson, Alex D.; Spiteri, Jake C.
2019Fluorimetric naphthalimide-based polymer logic beads responsive to acidity and oxidisabilityVella Refalo, Matthew; Farrugia, Nicole V.; Johnson, Alex D.; Klejna, Sylwia; Szaciłowski, Konrad; Magri, David C.
2015-12Fourth annual Science in the House exhibition at the new parliament buildingMagri, David C.; University of Malta Research Trust (RIDT)
2007From complexation to computation : recent progress in molecular logicMagri, David C.; Vance, Thomas P.; De Silva, A. Prasanna
2010From PASS 1 to YES to AND logic : building parallel processing into molecular logic gates by sequential addition of receptorsMagri, David C.; De Silva, Prasanna
2011Intelligent molecules for medical applicationsMagri, David C.
2001Kinetics of the photoinduced dissociative electron transfer reduction of the antimalarial endoperoxide, ArtemisininMagri, David C.; Donkers, Robert L.; Workentin, Mark S.
2012Kinetics of the photoinduced dissociative reduction of the model alkyl peroxides di-tert-butyl peroxide and ascaridoleMagri, David C.; Workentin, Mark. S.
2019A lab-on-a-molecule with an enhanced fluorescent readout on detection of three chemical speciesScerri, Glenn J.; Spiteri, Jake C.; Mallia, Carl J.; Magri, David C.
2021Logical sensing with fluorescent molecular logic gates based on photoinduced electron transferMagri, David C.
2005Luminescent sensors and switches in the early 21st centuryCallan, John F.; De Silva, A. Prasanna; Magri, David C.
2013Luminescent ‘on-off’ CdSe/ZnS quantum dot chemodosimeter for hydroxide based on photoinduced electron transfer from a carboxylate moietyGauci, Lara A.; Kelland, Lindsay G.; Magri, David C.
2013Medical diagnostics using designed molecules with sense and logicCardona, Mario; Farrugia, Kristina; Magri, David C.
2013Metal ion sensing for biomedical usesMagri, David C.; Mallia, Carl J.
2003Model dialkyl peroxides of the Fenton mechanistic probe 2-methyl-1-phenyl-2-propyl hydroperoxide (MPPH) : kinetic probes for dissociative electron transferMagri, David C.; Workentin, Mark S.
2021Molecular engineering of 1,3,5-triaryl-2-pyrazoline fluorescent logic systems responsive to acidity and oxidisability and attachment to polymer beadsZerafa, Nicole; Cini, Miriam; Magri, David C.