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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Care till death do us partMallia, Pierre
2002-05The case of the Maltese Siamese twins : when moral arguments balance out should parental rights come into playMallia, Pierre
2018-06Celebrating the life of Dr Tania van Avendonk 1964 - 2018Mallia, Pierre
2007-09Centre for bioethics and patient advocacyMallia, Pierre
2018Consensus document : as part of an Erasmus+ project of the Bioethics Research Programme of the Medical School, on harmonisation of end of life care (EndCare)Mallia, Pierre; Aquilina, Kevin; Galea, Daniela; Sultana, Mark
2016Consent : informedMallia, Pierre
2017-12Continuing to revamp the MCFDMallia, Pierre
2003Creating an academic havenMallia, Pierre
1998A criticism and reappraisal of biomedical principles through the phenomenology of the physician-patient relationshipMallia, Pierre
2018-06Dr Tania van Avendonk 1964 - 2018Mallia, Pierre
2010Essays in bioethicsMallia, Pierre
2006-07Ethical aspects of umbilical cord blood banking : part 1Mallia, Pierre
2001-06Ethical issues in family practiceMallia, Pierre
2007-11Ethical issues in genetic testingMallia, Pierre
2003Ethical issues in Maltese general practice : a look to the near futureMallia, Pierre
2006-09Ethical issues in umbilical cord blood banking : part 2Mallia, Pierre
2009-11Ethical issues in vocational training and quality with patient registrationMallia, Pierre
2008-05Ethics in psychiatryMallia, Pierre
2009-01Ethics matrices : part 2Mallia, Pierre
2017-12Evaluating an ethics summer school : an innovative approach in discussing and teaching ethicsAbela, Jurgen; Mallia, Pierre; Abela, Marika