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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The nature of the doctor-patient relationship : health care principles through the phenomenology of relationship with patientsMallia, Pierre
2019-11The need for policy and social involvementMallia, Pierre
2007-03Negligence and malpracticeMallia, Pierre
2007-05On data protection act : part 1Mallia, Pierre
2007-07On data protection act : part 2Mallia, Pierre
2009-03Ordinary and extraordinary treatment : a case for review?Mallia, Pierre
2003Outcomes of first meeting on ethics in family medicineMallia, Pierre
2016-08The passing of two colleagues and pioneersMallia, Pierre
2000Patient rights in primary careMallia, Pierre
2003Phenomenological approaches to the doctor-patient relationshipMallia, Pierre
2008-07Philosophy of medicine : is there such a thing? : part 1Mallia, Pierre
2008-09Philosophy of medicine : is there such a thing? : part 2Mallia, Pierre
2015-05Point-of-care genetic counselling : should family physicians counsel patients on genetic testing and screening?Mallia, Pierre
2009-09Problems facing biobanksMallia, Pierre
2001The relationship between state and private primary careMallia, Pierre
2008-03Research in childrenMallia, Pierre
2003Rethinking care for the sick elderlyMallia, Pierre; Fiorini, Anthony
2010Short articles in clinical ethicsMallia, Pierre
2002-12Should family doctors counsel patients on genetic testing and screening?Mallia, Pierre; ten Have, Henk A.M.J.
2016-08Training in palliative medicine and Maltese doctors : a cross-sectional surveyAbela, Jurgen; Mallia, Pierre