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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Sentinel surveillance : an option for surveillance of infectious intestinal disease separator commenting unavailableGauci, Charmaine; Melillo Fenech, T.; Gilles, Herbert; O’Brien, Sarah J.; Mamo, Julian; Stabile, I.; Calleja, Neville; Ruggeri, Franco Maria; Cuschieri, Liliana
2012Smoking health professional student : an attitudinal challenge for health promotion?Cauchi, Daniel; Mamo, Julian
2021Taking care of the ordinary in extraordinary times - delayed routine care means more morbidity and pre-mature mortalityCuschieri, Sarah; Mamo, Julian
2016Terrorism and the male to female ratio at birth : “Anni di Piombo” in ItalyGrech, Victor E.; Mamo, Julian
2016Terrorist attacks and the male to female ratio at birth : the bombings of Madrid (3/2004) and London (7/2005)Mamo, Julian; Grech, Victor E.
1991Tobacco habits : attitudes and beliefs among the Maltese medical and dental professionMamo, Julian; Galea, Gauden
2019Toolkit for the development and implementation of epidemiological surveys in small populationsCuschieri, Sarah; Calleja, Neville; Mamo, Julian
2013Tuberculosis among undocumented boat migrants to Malta : implications for a migrant tuberculosis policyPace-Asciak, Analita; Mamo, Julian; Calleja, Neville
2015Tuberculosis in Malta : thirty-five years of epidemiological trends in the native populationFarrugia, Brian; Gauci, Charmaine; Mamo, Julian; Ahmed, Wafaa; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.