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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Banking on you? : the level of public awareness of biobanks in MaltaDesira, Maria; Martin, Gillian M.
2013[Book review] Carmel Borg and Raphael Vella (Eds.), Shooting society : documenting contemporary life in MaltaMartin, Gillian M.
2017[Book review] Harris, A., Kelly, S. and Wyatt, S. (Eds.), Cybergenetics : health genetics and the new mediaMartin, Gillian M.
2014[Book Review] Malta Historical Society Proceedings of History Week 2011Martin, Gillian M.
2019Data in question : a survey of European biobank professionals on ethical, legal and societal challenges of biobank researchGoisauf, Melanie; Martin, Gillian M.; Bentzen, Heidi Beate; Budin-Ljøsne, Isabelle; Ursin, Lars; Durnova, Anna; Leitsalu, Liis; Smith, Katharine; Casati, Sara; Lavitrano, Marialuisa; Mascalzoni, Deborah; Boeckhout, Martin; Th. Mayrhofer, Michaela
2019Draw(Me) and Tell : use of children’s drawings as elicitation tools to explore embodiment in the very youngMartin, Gillian M.
2019Dwarna : a blockchain solution for dynamic consent in biobankingMamo, Nicholas; Martin, Gillian M.; Desira, Maria; Ellul, Bridget; Ebejer, Jean-Paul
2018Enhancing reuse of data and biological material in medical research : from FAIR to FAIR-HealthHolub, Petr; Kohlmayer, Florian; Prasser, Fabian; Th. Mayrhofer, Michaela; Schlunder, Irene; Martin, Gillian M.; Casati, Sara; Koumakis, Lefteris; Wutte, Andrea; Kozera, Łukasz; Strapagiel, Dominik; Gabriele, Anton; Zanetti, Gianluigi; Sezerman, Osman Ugur; Mendy, Maimuna; Valik, Dalibor; Lavitrano, Marialuisa; Dagher, Georges; Zatloukal, Kurt; Ommen, GertJan B. van; Litton, Jan-Eric
2014Exploring help seeking behaviour in health : are gender binaries useful?Martin, Gillian M.
2020An insight into the lives of young siblings of disabled children in MaltaVella Gera, Janet; Martin, Gillian M.; Camilleri Zahra, Amy J.
2020Moving back to the future of big data-driven research : reflecting on the social in genomicsGoisauf, Melanie; Akyüz, Kaya; Martin, Gillian M.
2015Obesity in question : understandings of body shape, self and normalcy among children in MaltaMartin, Gillian M.
2020People, learning and changeMartin, Gillian M.; Camilleri, Patricia
2018Shifting power dynamics in genomic researchMartin, Gillian M.
2013SMEs in Focus : Exploring the experience of micro, small and medium enterprise owners in MaltaMartin, Gillian M.
2019WASP (write a scientific paper) : ethnography with children : some considerationsMartin, Gillian M.