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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Baroque painting in Malta [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2019Boaventura De Sousa Santos. Decolonizing the university : the challenge of deep cognitive justice [book review]Mayo, Peter
2019Book review : Re-reading education policy and practice in small states : issues of size and scale in the emerging intelligent society and economyMayo, Peter
2022Book review symposium : Walter Omar Kohan (2021) Paulo Freire : a philosophical biographyMaisuria, Alpesh; Accioly, Inny; Kirylo, James D.; Mayo, Peter; McLaren, Peter
2012[Book Review] Being young and Muslim : new cultural politics in the global South and North by Linda Herrera & Asef BayatMayo, Peter
2016[Book review] Caitlin Janzen, Donna Jeffrey and Kristin Smith Eds. Unravelling encounters : ethics, knowledge and resistance under neoliberalismMayo, Peter
2015[Book review] Darder, A. Freire and educationMayo, Peter
2020[Book review] Democracy in Southern Europe : colonialism, international relations and Europeanization from Malta to CyprusMayo, Peter
1994[Book Review] Empowering education : critical teaching for social changeMayo, Peter
1991[Book Review] Learning to question : a pedagogy of liberation by Paolo Freire and Antoni FaundezMayo, Peter
2008[Book Review] Learning and social difference : challenges for public education and critical pedagogyBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2016[Book Review] Morality and Economic Growth in Rural West Africa. Indigenous Accumulation in Hausaland by Paul CloughMayo, Peter
1996[Book Review] Pedagogue of liberation by John L. EliasMayo, Peter
2013[Book review] Peter G. Xuereb (ed.). Migration and asylum in Malta and the European Union : rights and realitiesMayo, Peter
2017[Book Review] Romeo and Juliet in Palestine : teaching under occupation by Tom SperlingerMayo, Peter
2010[Book Review] School knowledge in comparative and historical perspective : changing curricula in primary and secondary educationMayo, Peter
1992[Book Review] Towards a language of hope and possibility : teaching against the grain by Roger I. SimonBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2022Centenary of Paulo Freire’s birth (1921-2021) : insights for a decolonising educationMayo, Peter
2011The centrality of the state in Neoliberal times : Gramsci and beyondMayo, Peter
2006Challenges for critical pedagogy : a southern European perspectiveBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter