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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011I contributi di don Lorenzo Milani e Paulo Freire per una pedagogia criticaMayo, Peter
2014Imagining the university [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2005"In and against the state" : Gramsci, war of position, and adult educationMayo, Peter
2016In defense of a liberal education [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2012The integral state and the philosophy of PraxisMayo, Peter
2009IntroductionBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter; Sultana, Ronald G.
2014Introduction to Postcolonial Directions in Education, Vol. 3 No. 1Hickling-Hudson, Anne; Mayo, Peter; Raykov, Milosh
2010Introduction: Antonio Gramsci and educational thoughtMayo, Peter
2013-12-16Italian signposts for a sociologically and critically engaged pedagogy : Don Lorenzo Milani (1923-1967) and the schools of San Donato and Barbiana revisitedMayo, Peter
1990Karl Mannheim's contributions to the development of the sociology of knowledgeMayo, Peter
1995L-edukazzjoni ta' l-adultiMayo, Peter
1994L-iskola miftuha ghall-komunitaMayo, Peter
2012-11-19L-Università fl-Ewropa : lil fejn?Mayo, Peter
2013La creazione sociale : relazioni e contesti per educare [Book review]Mayo, Peter
2007Learning communities : schools, parents and challenges for wider community involvement in schoolsMayo, Peter
2014-10-01Learning with adults : the role of practice in the formation of adultsMayo, Peter
2005Lectures 1 : critical pedagogy from a southern European perspectiveBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2010Lectures 14 : program 13 : Gramsci : the southern question and the MediterraneanWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mayo, Peter
2013Lectures 20 : program 16 : the politics of indignationWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mayo, Peter
2006Lectures 4 : program 1 : revisiting Weber's Protestant ethic : a critical expositionWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mayo, Peter