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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Paulo Freire 1921-1997Mayo, Peter
1997Paulo Freire 1921-1997 : an appreciationMayo, Peter
1997Paulo Freire : a critical encounter and politics of liberation : paths from Freire [Books review]Mayo, Peter
2009Paulo Freire and adult educationMayo, Peter
2019Paulo Freire and the debate on lifelong learningMayo, Peter
2015Paulo Freire in the 21st century : education, dialogues and transformation [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2014Paulo Freire, globalisation and emancipatory educationMayo, Peter
2012Pedagogia degli oppressi, lezione del novecento : ereditadi Paulo FreireMayo, Peter
1991Pedagogy and politics in the work of Paulo FreireMayo, Peter
2014Pedagogy under siege in Palestine : insights from Paulo FreireMayo, Peter; Silwadi, Najwa
2022Pertinent issues in education in Southern EuropeMayo, Peter; Brown, Maria; Briguglio, Michael
2021The politics of educationMayo, Peter
2012-10-29The politics of indignation : spontaneity and conscious directionSimicevic, Hrvoje; Mayo, Peter
2023Politics, power, and culture : Gramsci, Milani, Freire, Nyerere, Giroux and the politics of cultural representation, interpretation and contestationMayo, Peter
2007Popular education and social changeThompson, Jane; Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
1993Popular education and social transformation in NicaraguaMayo, Peter; Zuniga, Maria
2007Popular education, social movements and story tellingCavanagh, Chris; Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2019Post-commentary. Southern European/Mediterranean contributions to sociology of educationMayo, Peter
2021Postcolonial Directions in Education : volume 10 : issue 1Hickling Hudson, Anne; Mayo, Peter; Raykov, Milosh
2021Postcolonial Directions in Education : volume 10 : issue 2Hickling Hudson, Anne; Mayo, Peter