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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Radar alti uçmak? Yeti̇şki̇n eği̇ti̇mi̇nde eleşti̇rel yaklaşimlarMayo, Peter
2019-12Raewyn Connell. The good university : what universities actually do and why it’s time for radical change [book review]Mayo, Peter
2003-01A rationale for a transformative approach to educationMayo, Peter
2021Rebecca Tarlau. Occupying schools, occupying land. How the landless workers movement transformed Brazilian education [book review]Mayo, Peter
2008Reclaiming democracy, reclaiming our place in adult education and the worldMayo, Peter; Suoranta, Juha (Interviewer)
2012Recuperating democratic spaces in an age of militarisation and a new fascismMayo, Peter
2007Reflections from a third age marriage : a pedagogy of reason, hope and passionFreire, Nita; Azevedo, Lilia; Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2000Reflections from a third age marriage : Paulo Freire pedagogy of reason, hope, and passion : an interview with Ana Maria (Nita) FreireBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2004-01Reinventing Paulo Freire : a pedagogy of love [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2021A relevancia de Freire para entender o colonialismMayo, Peter
2000Remaining on the same side of the river : a critical commentary on Paulo Freire's later workMayo, Peter
2013Remarkable coincidences and deja vuMayo, Peter
2008Report from the third Mediterranean society of comparative education (MESCE) conference in MaltaMayo, Peter; Borg, Carmel
2013-09-04Response to Syria a duplicitous affairDarder, Antonia; Mayo, Peter
2004[Review of the book Education and democracy, Paulo Freire, social movements and education reform in Sao Paulo, by Maria del Pilar O'Cadiz, Pia Lindquist Wong & Carlos Alberto Torres]Mayo, Peter
2022[Review of the book Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of education in contemporary context : from Italy to the world, by J. Irwin & L. Todaro]Mayo, Peter
2006[Review response] On ‘blind spots’ and ‘unfinishedness’ : a brief response to SihraMayo, Peter
2014Revisiting "Lifelong Learning" 13 years after the memorandumMayo, Peter
1998Revolution and reality : an interview with Peter McLarenBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter; Sultana, Ronald G.
1994Revolution and reality : an interview with Peter McLarenBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter; Sultana, Ronald G.; McLaren, Peter