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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An ocean of possibilities : applications and challenges of marine geomorphometryLecours, Vincent; Lucieer, Vanessa L.; Dolan, Margaret F. J.; Micallef, Aaron
2016Outer shelf seafloor geomorphology along a carbonate escarpment : the eastern Malta Plateau, Mediterranean SeaMicallef, Aaron; Georgiopoulou, Aggeliki; Mountjoy, Joshu; Huvenne, Veerle A.I.; Iacono, Claudio Lo; Bas, Timothy Le; Carlo, Paola Del; Cunarro Otero, Daniel
2017Patterns of seafloor morphology as a response to tectonic- and sedimentary processes south of the Messina Strait, ItalyGross, Felix; Klein, Elisa; Urlaub, Morelia; Micallef, Aaron; Schulze, Inken; Laengner, Marieke; Krabbenhoeft, Anne; Geersen, Jacob; Gutscher, Marc-André; Hannemann, Katrin; Petersen, Florian; Fu, Lili; Krastel, Sebastian
2013Processes on the precipice : seafloor dynamics across the upper Malta-Sicily escarpmentMicallef, Aaron; Georgiopoulou, Aggeliki; Bas, Timothy Le; Mountjoy, Joshu J.; Huvenne, Veerle A.I.; Iacono, Claudio Lo
2013-06Proposal for a Malta national seabed mapping programmeMicallef, Aaron
2017Proposal for the nomination of Lower Globigerina Limestone of the Maltese Islands as a "Global Heritage Stone Resource"Cassar, JoAnn; Torpiano, Alex; Zammit, Tano; Micallef, Aaron
2010Records of black coral (Antipatharia) and red coral (Corallium rubrum) fishing activities in the Maltese IslandsDeidun, Alan; Tsounis, G.; Balzan, Francesca; Micallef, Aaron
2016A review of marine geomorphometry, the quantitative study of the seafloorLecours, Vincent; Dolan, Margaret F. J.; Micallef, Aaron; Lucieer, Vanessa L.
2008Scale invariant characteristics of the storegga slide and implications for large-scale submarine mass movementsMicallef, Aaron; Berndt, Christian; Masson, Douglas G.; Stow, Dorrik A.V.
2011Seafloor instability and mass wasting processes along the eastern Gela Slope, Mediterranean SeaFoglini, Federica; Dalla, Giacomo; Micallef, Aaron; Berndt, Christian; Asioli, A.; Campiani, Elisabetta; Trincardi, Fabio
2013Sediment dynamics and post-glacial evolution of the continental shelf around the Blanes submarine canyon head (NW Mediterranean)Duran, Ruth; Canals, Miquel; Lastras, Galderic; Micallef, Aaron; Amblas, David; Pedrosa-Pamies, Rut; Sanz, Jose Luis
2012Sediment dynamics under the influence of dense shelf water flows and eastern storms, roses continental shelf, NW Mediterranean SeaDuran, Ruth; Canals, Miquel; Micallef, Aaron; Sanz, Jose Luis; Amblas, David; Lastras, Galderic
2016Shallow gas and the development of a weak layer in submarine spreading, Hikurangi margin (New Zealand)Micallef, Aaron; Mountjoy, Joshu J.; Krastel, Sebastian; Crutchley, Gareth; Koch, Stephanie
2013Significance of the fine drainage pattern for submarine canyon evolution : the Foix Canyon system, northwestern Mediterranean SeaTubau, Xavier; Lastras, Galderic; Canals, Miquel; Micallef, Aaron; Amblas, David
2014Space-for-time substitution and the evolution of a submarine canyon–channel system in a passive progradational marginMicallef, Aaron; Ribo, Marta; Canals, Miquel; Puig, Pere; Lastras, Galderic; Tubau, Xavier
2013Space-for-time substitution and the evolution of submarine canyons in a passive, progradational marginMicallef, Aaron; Ribó, Marta; Canals, Miquel; Puig, Pere; Lastras, Galderic; Tubau, Xavier
2016Submarine creeping landslide deformation controlled by the presence of gas hydrates : the Tuaheni Landslide Complex, New ZealandGross, Felix; Mountjoy, Joshu; Crutchle, Garethy; Koch, Stephanie; Bialas, Jörg; Pecher, Ingo; Woelz, Susi; Dannowski, Anke; Carey, Jon; Micallef, Aaron; Böttner, Christoph; Huhn, Katrin; Krastel, Sebastian
2016Submarine mass movements and their consequences : progress and challengesLamarche, Geoffroy; Mountjoy, Joshu; Bull, Suzanne; Hubble, Tom; Krastel, Sebastian; Lane, Emily; Micallef, Aaron; Moscardelli, Lorena; Mueller, Christof; Pecher, Ingo; Woelz, Susanne
2007Submarine spreading : dynamics and developmentMicallef, Aaron; Masson, Douglas G.; Berndt, Christian; Stow, Dorrik A.V.
2016Submarine spreading in the Storegga Slide, Norwegian SeaMicallef, Aaron; Masson, Douglas G.; Berndt, Christian; Stow, Dorrik A.V.