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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020I am the institutionMontebello, Matthew; Montebello, Matthew
2016If you aren’t experiencing it, you’re not understanding it! Using virtual reality to understand migrantsCamilleri, Joe; Scicluna, David; Briffa, Vince; Camilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Montebello, Matthew
2018Impacting networked technologies on teaching practicesCutajar, Maria; Montebello, Matthew
1998Information overload - an IR problem?Montebello, Matthew
2014Integration operators for generating RDF/OWL-based user defined mediator views in a grid environmentTawil, Abdel Rahman Hani; Taweel, Adel; Naeem, Usman; Montebello, Matthew; Bashroush, Rabih; Al-Nemrat, Ameer
2016Intelligent art recommenderMontebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
2000Internet search technologies & XMLMontebello, Matthew; Ciappara, Robert
2008Interschema correspondence establishment in a cooperative OWL-based multi-information server grid environmentTawil, Abdel Rahman Hani; Montebello, Matthew; Bahsoon, Rami; Gray, William Alex; Fiddian, Nick J.
2015Investigating crowd sourcing in higher educationMontebello, Matthew
2017Language pathwaysCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2018Life-long pedagogical agents within a ubiquitous educational systemMontebello, Matthew
1999Linguistic and computational aspects of MaltiLexRosner, Michael; Fabri, Ray; Caruana, Jeffrey; Loughra, M.; Montebello, Matthew; Galea, D.; Mangion, Gordon
2010Links to - a Web 2.0 system that utilises linked data principles to link related resources togetherMontebello, Matthew; Sacco, Owen
2016Living autism : an immersive learning experienceMartino, Steffi de; Haddod, Foaad; Briffa, Vince; Camilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Montebello, Matthew
2010Locating personnel on siteBriffa, Antoine; Montebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
2010Location based mobile advertisingSammut, Matthew; Montebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
1998Machine learning and wrappers to the rescue of the WWWMontebello, Matthew
2009Marine navigational lights recognitionMontebello, Matthew; Borg, Peter
2019Maximizing learning potential with multimodality : a case studyHaniya, Samaa; Tzirides, Anastasia Olga; Montebello, Matthew; Georgiadou, Keratso; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2005MCommerceFx : a mobile commerce frameworkMontebello, Matthew; Ellul, Joshua