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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Leucocyte-endothelial adhesion molecules and their role in bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitisMontefort, Stephen; Holgate, Stephen T.; Howarth, Peter Hugo
2013A local perspective to asthma management in the accident and emergency department in MaltaGouder, Caroline; Micallef, Josef; Asciak, Rachelle; Farrugia Preca, Justine; Pullicino, Richard; Montefort, Stephen
2016MRCP clinical exam in MaltaMontefort, Stephen
1995Neutrophil influx and interleukin-8 release after segmental allergen or saline challenge in asthmaticsTeran, Luis M.; Carroll, Mary P.; Frew, Anthony J.; Montefort, Stephen; Lau, Laurie C.K.; Davies, Donna E.; Lindley, Ivan; Howarth, Peter Hugo; Church, Martin K.; Holgate, Stephen T.
2015Ninth Malta Medical School Conference : 3-5 December 2015, Hilton Malta Hotel, Portomaso, St. Julians : conference abstract bookMontefort, Stephen; Galea, R.; Fenech, A.; Ellul, Bridget; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Mangion, Deborah; Zerafa, Z.; University of Malta. Medical School
2015Outcome of central hypoventilation secondary to childhood pertussis encephalitis in adulthoodGouder, Caroline; Fsadni, Peter; Montefort, Stephen
2016Outcomes of a 12 week pulmonary rehabilitation programme in pulmonary fibrosis patientsSciriha, A.; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen; Fsadni, P.; Muscat, D.; Muscat, R.; Gouder, C.; Scerri, J.; Camilleri, L.; Montefort, Stephen
2015Outdoor PM2.5 chemical composition in 3 areas with urban/rural difference in prevalence of respiratory diseasesCibella, Fabio; Balzan, Martin V.; Perrino, Cinzia; Scaccianoce, Gianluca; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Drago, Gaspare; Ruggieri, Silvia; Canepari, Silvia; Minardi, Remo; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2011Oxygen prescription and administration at the Emergency Department and medical wards in Mater Dei HospitalAsciak, Rachelle; Fenech, Valerie Anne; Gatt, Jurgen; Montefort, Stephen
2018-10Plethysmography and its relationship with biochemical parameters in the Maltese populationDalli, Theresia; Xuereb, Sara; Fsadni, Peter; Montefort, Stephen
2014Potential impact of fireworks on respiratory healthGouder, Caroline; Montefort, Stephen
2017Predictors of correct technique in patients using pressurized metered dose inhalersBartolo, Kyra; Balzan, Martin; Schembri, Emma Louise; Asciak, Rachelle; Mercieca Balbi, Darlene; Pace Bardon, Michael; Montefort, Stephen
2015Predictors of good inhaler technique in asthma and COPDCamilleri, Kyra; Balzan, Martin; Pace Bardon, Michael; Schembri, Emma; Sullivan, Michael; Mifsud, Simon; Muscat, Darlene; Asciaq, Rachelle; Montefort, Stephen
2015Predictors of headache in urban and rural setting from respiratory questionnaires in children aged 10-15Balzan, Martin; Cibella, Fabio; Zammit, Christopher; Ruggieri, Silvia; Bilocca, David; Minardi, Remo; Drago, Gaspare; Cuttita, Giuseppina; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2014Prevalence of respiratory symptoms in 11-14 year old children with pets in Maltese homesZammit, Charles; Bilocca, David; Balzan, Michael; Borg, Charles; Camilleri, Liberato; Taliana, Kelly; Formosa, Denise; Borg, Charles J.; Montefort, Stephen
2010Pulmonary rehabilitation : insight into current trendsSciriha, Anabel; Montefort, Stephen
2019Pulmonary rehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : effects of a high versus low intensity programmeBianco, Jean Paul; Sciriha, Anabel; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen; Agius, Tonio; Scerri, Josianne; Montefort, Stephen
2015Pulmonary rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : outcomes in a 12 week programmeSciriha, Anabel; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen; Scerri, Josianne; Bilocca, David; Fsadni, Claudia; Fsadni, Peter; Gerada, Eleanor; Gouder, Caroline; Camilleri, Liberato; Montefort, Stephen
2019Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with interstitial lung disease : the effects of a 12-week programmeSciriha, Anabel; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen; Fsadni, Peter; Scerri, Josianne; Montefort, Stephen
2015A rare case of pulmonary alveolar microlithiasisAsciak, Rachelle; Pullicino, Richard; Mizzi, Adrian; Montefort, Stephen