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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Protect your child against tuberculosisMalta. Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate; Malta. Advisory committee on immunisation policy Malta; Malta. Sptar Mater Dei; Malta. Primary Health Directorate; Gauci, Charmaine; Pace, David
2020-08Retropharyngeal abscess with atlanto-axial subluxationSaid-Pullicino, Veronica; Gatt, Andre Stefan; Pace, David
2008Review of Varicella zoster virus : from epidemiology to preventionPace, David
2013The rise of pertussis in Malta in 2011 : a case for adolescent and adult pertussis booster vaccinationGatt, Anthony; Bezzina, Alexia; Saliba, Amanda; Pace, David; Farrugia Sant Angelo, Victoria
2013The risk of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome typeJessen, Birthe; Bode, Sebastian F. N.; Ammann, Sandra; Chakravorty, Subarna; Davies, Graham; Diestelhorst, Jana; Frei-Jones, Melissa; Gahl, William A.; Gochuico, Bernadette R.; Griese, Matthias; Griffiths, Gillian; Janka, Gritta; Klein, Christoph; Kogl, Tamara; Kurnik, Karin; Lehmberg, Kai; Maul-Pavicic, Andrea; Mumford, Andrew D.; Pace, David; Parvaneh, Nima; Rezaei, Nima; Saint Basile, Genevieve de; Schmitt-Graeff, Annette; Schwarz, Klaus; Karasu, Gulsun T.; Zieger, Barbara; Stadt, Udo zur; Aichele, Peter; Ehl, Stephan
2016Solidarity and compassion in resuscitationPace, David
2017Zika virus : the 21st century travellerCamilleri, Karl; Pace, David