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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Reasoning about partial contractsAzzopardi, Shaun; Gatt, Albert; Pace, Gordon J.
2013Recovery within long running transactionsColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2008Relaxing goodness is still goodPace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2008Relaxing goodness is still good for SPDIsPace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2009Resource-bounded runtime verification of Java programs with real-time propertiesColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2016-06Run-time monitoring for the diagnosis and recovery of complex physical systemsDe Cataldo, Giacinto; Colombo, Christian; Franco, Antonio; Pace, Gordon J.; Valentino, Gianluca; Vella, Kevin
2010Runtime monitoring of distributed systemsFrancalanza, Adrian; Gauci, Andrew; Pace, Gordon J.
2006Runtime validation using interval temporal logicD’Emanuele, Karlston; Pace, Gordon J.
2016Runtime verification for stream processing applicationsColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.; Camilleri, Luke; Dimech, Claire; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Grech, Jean Paul; Magro, Alessio; Sammut, Andrew C.; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2017Runtime verification using LarvaColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2017Runtime verification using ValourAzzopardi, Shaun; Colombo, Christian; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Mallia, Edward; Pace, Gordon J.
2009Safe runtime verification of real-time propertiesColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.; Schneider, Gerardo
2012Safer asynchronous runtime monitoring using compensationsColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.; Abela, Patrick
2010Scripting game AI : an alternative approach using embedded languagesCalleja, Andrew; Pace, Gordon J.
2000The semantics of verilog using transition system combinatorsPace, Gordon J.
2012-04Separating compensation concerns and programming them with compensating automataColombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2010A simplified model of QuickCheck automataFalzon, Kevin; Pace, Gordon J.
2009Slowdown invariance of timed regular expressionsBondin, Ingram; Pace, Gordon J.; Colombo, Christian
2013SMock - a test platform for monitoring toolsColombo, Christian; Mizzi, Ruth; Pace, Gordon J.
2005Source-level runtime validation through interval temporal logicD’Emanuele, Karlston; Pace, Gordon J.