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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The sharing economy, jobs and skillsSammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Social capitalSammut-Bonnici, Tanya; McGee, John
2014Strategic alliancesAngwin, Duncan; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Strategic business unitSammut-Bonnici, Tanya; McGee, John
2014Strategic driftSammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Strategic managementSammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Strategic renewalSammut-Bonnici, Tanya; McGee, John
2010Strategy for the digital economySammut-Bonnici, Tanya; McGee, John
2010Strategy in the digital economySammut-Bonnici, Tanya; McGee, John
2014Strategy toolsBarnett, Paul; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Switching costsAvgeropoulos, Stephanos; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014SWOT analysisSammut-Bonnici, Tanya; Galea, David
2007Technical issues on roaming : transparency, technical aspects and data overview related to the proposed regulation on roamingPalmigiano, Alessandro; Blackman, Colin; Bohlin, Erik; Forge, Simon; Renda, Andrea; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya; Vecchio Verderame, Sabrina
2014Technology and standards in network industriesMcGee, John; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Technology fusionTidd, Joe; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Time-based competitionDempsey, Peter; Heard, Edward; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2014Turnaround strategyAngwin, Duncan; McGee, John; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2020University of Malta Strategic Plan 2020-2025Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya; Vella, Alfred J.; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.; Sammut, Carmen; Zammit, Saviour
2015Wiley encyclopedia of management, volume 12 : strategic managementMcGee, John; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya