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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Charcoal makers [Film Review]Sant Cassia, Paul
1999The discovery of Malta : nature, culture and ethnicity in 19th century painting (a review article)Sant Cassia, Paul
2000Exoticizing discoveries and extraordinary experiences : "traditional" music, modernity, and nostalgia in Malta and other Mediterranean societiesSant Cassia, Paul
2006Guarding each other's dead, mourning one's own : the problem of missing persons and missing pasts in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
2007Introduction : between Europe and the Mediterranean : the challenges and the fearsSant Cassia, Paul; Fabre, Thierry
1989L-ghana : bejn il-folklor u l-habiSant Cassia, Paul
2009The life model : between nude and nakedSant Cassia, Paul
1999Martyrdom and witnessing : violence, terror and recollection in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
2005The martyrdom of the missingSant Cassia, Paul
2005Mediterranean conundrums : pluridisciplinary perspectives for research in the social sciencesSant Cassia, Paul; Schafer, Isabel
2005The missing as a set of representationsSant Cassia, Paul
2007Patrolling society’s borders : slavery, apostasy and the InquisitionCassar, Carmel; Sant Cassia, Paul
1999Piercing transfigurations : representations of suffering in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
2005Piranesi : the eternal modernity of ruinsSant Cassia, Paul
1982Property in Greek Cypriot marriage strategies, 1920-1980Sant Cassia, Paul
1986Religion, politics and ethnicity in Cyprus during the Turkocratia (1571-1878)Sant Cassia, Paul
2003Review article navigating an anthropology of the Mediterranean : recent developments in FranceSant Cassia, Paul
2005Testimonies of fragmentation, recollections of unitySant Cassia, Paul
1999Tradition, tourism and memory in MaltaSant Cassia, Paul
2009The unbearable paradises of milieux de memoireSant Cassia, Paul