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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Knowledge and therapeutic management of Alzheimer’s disease among community pharmacists in the Maltese islandsScerri, Charles
2017Knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease and training needs in final year medical and pharmacy studentsScerri, Charles
2016Living with dementia in hospital wards : a comparative study of staff perceptions of practice and observed patient experienceInnes, Anthea; Kelly, Fiona; Scerri, Charles; Abela, Stephen
2006The Malta Dementia SocietyScerri, Charles; Abela, Stephen
2016Malta’s strategic vision for a national dementia policyScerri, Charles
2013Mediterranean diet and dementia of the Alzheimer typeVassallo, Neville; Scerri, Charles
1998Memory performance in a novel ten-compartment water maze: normal behaviour and chlordiazepoxide-induced place learning impairment in ratsScerri, Charles
2013A natural source of possible anti-amyloid agents for Alzheimer’s diseaseCremona, Rachel; Scerri, Charles
2008-01Neural stem cells and the aging brain : part 1Scerri, Charles
2008-03Neural stem cells and the aging brain : part 2Scerri, Charles
2011NICE 2011 recommendations on the management of Alzheimer’s disease by acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and memantineScerri, Charles
2005Nicotine : Pharmacology and therapeutic implications in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disordersScerri, Charles
2012Nicotine modifies in vivo and in vitro rat hippocampal amyloid precursor protein processing in young but not old ratsScerri, Charles; Stewart, Caroline A.; Balfour, David J. K.; Breen, Kieran C.
2011The organisation of dementia care by families in Malta : the experiences of family caregiversInnes, Anthea; Abela, Stephen; Scerri, Charles
2017Outcomes in knowledge, attitudes and confidence of nursing staff working in nursing and residential care homes following a dementia training programmeScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles
2006Pharmacotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of Alzheimer’s DiseaseScerri, Charles
2010Pharmacotherapeutic aspects of dementia care in MaltaScerri, Charles; Abela, Stephen; Innes, Anthea
2012Polyphenolic compounds are novel protective agents against lipid membrane damage by alpha-synuclein aggregates in vitroCaruana, Mario; Neuner, Johanna; Hogen, Tobias; Schmidt, Felix; Famp, Frits; Scerri, Charles; Giese, Armin; Vassallo, Neville
2014Practices in diagnosis, disclosure and pharmacotherapeutic management of dementia by general practitioners – a national surveyCaruana-Pulpan, Oana; Scerri, Charles
2016-06Reframing dementia care in Maltese HospitalsScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles