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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-12Acne Vulgaris in Malta : a dermatologist's perspectiveScerri, Lawrence
1998The adverse effects of the sun on the skin : a reviewScerri, Lawrence; Keefe, M.
2007-03Do's and don'ts in the management of acneScerri, Lawrence
2016'Food allergy / intolerance testing' in dermatology : science or hype?Mercieca, Liam; Scerri, Lawrence
2002-06Getting to grips with UrticariaScerri, Lawrence
2011Imiquimod cream : a novel patient-administered treatment for malignant and pre-malignant skin lesionsScerri, Lawrence
2006-09Melanoma : the Maltese pictureScerri, Lawrence
2020Prevalence of hidradenitis suppurativa in Malta : a comparison with established epidemiological dataMintoff, Dillon; Camilleri, Liberato; Aquilina, Susan; Boffa, Michael John; Clark, Eileen; Scerri, Lawrence
2000-12Prevelance of Tinea Pedis and Onychomycosis in Malta : the Achilles projectBoffa, Michael J.; Borg, Eileen; Mifsud, Edwin; Pace, Joseph L.; Scerri, Lawrence; Vella Briffa, Dino
2006A profile of invasive cutaneous malignant melanoma in Malta : 1993–2002Aquilina, Susan; Dalmas, Miriam; Calleja, Neville; Gatt, Paul; Scerri, Lawrence
2012Risk factors for actinic keratosis in eight European centres : a case–control studyTraianou, Athina; Ulrich, Martina E. Y.; Apalla, Zoe; Vries, Esther de; Bakirtzi, K.; Kalabalikis, Dimitrios; Ferrándiz, Lara; Ruíz-De-Casas, Andrés; Moreno-Ramírez, David; Sotiriadis, Dimitrios K.; Ioannides, Demetrios; Aquilina, Susan; Apap, Charmaine; Micallef, Rita; Scerri, Lawrence; Pitkänen, Sari; Saksela, Olli; Altsitsiadis, Efthymios; Hinrichs, Birgit; Magnoni, Cristina; Fiorentini, Chiara; Majewski, Slawomir; Ranki, Annamari M.; Proby, Charlotte M.; Stockfleth, Eggert; Trakatelli, Myrto Georgia
2017-12Rituximab : a novel treatment for Pemphigus in MaltaBoffa, Michelle-Marie; Mintoff, Dillon; Mercieca, Liam; Cassar, David; Cauchi, Suzanne; Boffa, Michael J.; Scerri, Lawrence
1999Sun awareness and sun protection among persons attending dermatology clinics in MaltaScerri, Lawrence; Lateo, Stephanie
2016Treatment of psoriasis with biologic agents in MaltaMercieca, Liam; Boffa, Michael J.; Clark, Eileen; Scerri, Lawrence; Aquilina, Susan
2008Trends in sun exposure awareness and protection practices in Malta : 1999-2004Aquilina, Susan; Scerri, Lawrence; Calleja, Neville; Amato-Gauci, Andrew J.
2000-06Viral warts : going, going, gone!Scerri, Lawrence