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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Method development studies on the HPLC analysis of candesartan cilexetil using a core-shell columnFarrugia, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2018Optimisation of fluorapatite coating synthesis applied to a biodegradable substrateCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Xerria, Gianella; Peyrouzeta, Florian; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Mantovani, Diego; Vella, Daniel; Buhagiar, Joseph
2014Optimising sulfuric acid hard coat anodising for an Al–Mg–Si wrought aluminium alloyBartolo, N.; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Mallia, Bertram
2017Perfluoroalkyl substances in the Maltese environment – (I) surface water and rain waterSammut, Godwin; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Helmus, Rick; Voogt, P. de
2019Perfluoroalkyl substances in the Maltese environment – (II) sediments, soils and groundwaterSammut, Gordon; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Sapiano, Manuel; Helmus, Rick; De Voogt, Pim W. P.
2011Physicochemical aspects of the higher order structure of gelatin in dilute aqueous solutionAquilina, A.; Aquilina, S.; Cortis, R.; Farrugia, Claude; Sinagra, Emmanuel
2012Physicochemical parameters as a predictive tool for optimum dispersion of active pharmaceutical ingredientsEllul, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2004Potentiometric studies on gelatin solutions and gelatin nanoparticle dispersionsBlei, C.; Mifsud, J.; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2020-08Projecting the evolution of Titan’s atmosphere under a reddening sunBorg, Josef; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Ciarlò, James; Aquilina, Noel; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Aquilina, Maria; Bellia, Andrea Francesca; Borg, Joseph; Lanfranco, Sandro
2014Quality by design optimisation of active pharmaceutical ingredient dispersions based on physicochemical parametersEllul, Maria; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
1992-06Small-angle neutron-scattering studies on nonaqueous dispersions part 5 : magnesium carbonate dispersions in hydrocarbon mediaSinagra, Emmanuel; Heenan, Richard K.; Marsh, John F.; MacDonald, Isabel P.; Ottewill, Ronald H.
2008Surfactant effects on the ethanolic fractionation of dilute gelatin solutionsKnupfer, S.; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2008Temperature effects on the ethanolic fractionation of dilute gelatin-sodium dodecyl sulfate solutionsCassar, R. N.; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Claude
2012TEOS based consolidants for Maltese Globigerina Limestone : effect of hydroxyl conversion treatmentBriffa, Sophie M.; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Vella, Daniel