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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11-22Ceremony 4 : academic orationSultana, Mark
2019-01-29Combatting acedia : the neptic antidoteSultana, Mark
2018Consensus document : as part of an Erasmus+ project of the Bioethics Research Programme of the Medical School, on harmonisation of end of life care (EndCare)Mallia, Pierre; Aquilina, Kevin; Galea, Daniela; Sultana, Mark
2020Editorial noteSultana, Mark
2022Embryo Protection Act (Amendment) Bill no.5 : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Calleja, Carlo; Attard Montalto, Simon; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Aquilina, Kevin; Savona Ventura, Charles; Zammit, Raymond; Callus, Anne-Marie; Grima, George; Bianchi, Daniel; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Sultana, Mark; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre
2022The face of the truth : both word and silenceSultana, Mark
2009How does the Akrates intentionally do what he intended not to without changing his mind?Sultana, Mark
2007Karl Rahner and Hans Urs von Balthasar on Salvific truthSultana, Mark
2008A language for the Catholic Church in MaltaGellel, Adrian-Mario; Sultana, Mark
2008Leaping from non-secular to post-secular. A study of the Maltese scenarioGellel, Adrian-Mario; Sultana, Mark
2008Lectures 11 : program 8 : Santu Wistin u s-sens ta' dnub f'San Pawl (Rm.7)Augustinian Institute; Sultana, Mark
2010Lectures 15 : program 4 : kontemplazzjoni u azzjoni fil-filosofija u f'Santu WistinAugustinian Institute; Sultana, Mark
2006Lectures 6 : program 11Augustinian Institute; Sultana, Mark
2017On being host and guest : questions posed by migrantsSultana, Mark
2012On conscience and prudenceSultana, Mark
2008Possible connections between theology and artistic beauty. The case of CaravaggioSultana, Mark
2006The ‘possible’ role of the imagination in philosophy and theologySultana, Mark
2013Religions in transition : an attempt at a synthesisSultana, Mark
2015The self : between autonomy and heteronomySultana, Mark
2006Self-deception and akrasia : a comparative conceptual analysisSultana, Mark