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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12New design for better streetsZammit, Antoine
2017Outdoor hotspots as a tool for enhancing healthy lifestyles of ICT users : design and development principlesSuchocka, Marzena; Kimic, Kinga; Maksymiuk, Gabriela; Kołodyńska, Natalia; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017People, public space, digital technology and social practice : an ethnographic approachMenezes, Marluci; Smaniotto Costa, Carlos; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017The principle of geotagging : cross-linking archival sources with people and the city through digital urban placesBreser, Christoph; Zedlacher, Stefan; Winkler, Ramona; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017Public spaces as evolving frameworks : applying principles of co-creation in urban planningMačiuliene, Monika; Mačiulis, Algimantas; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017Review and critical assessment on the interaction of urban spaces and technology : the case of the urban roadVassi, Avgi; Vlastos, Thanos; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017Simulating bodily movement as an agent for the reactivation of forgotten open air spaces in the cityArtopoulos, Georgios; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017Tweeting in open public space : case study BelgradeDjukic, Aleksandra; Vukmirovic, Milena; Joković, Jugoslav; Dinkic, Nikola; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese
2017Urban development in respect to social media – the applicability of the Amsterdam city experience in other European citiesIvanova-Radovanova, Petja; Radovanov, Antoni; Zammit, Antoine; Kenna, Therese