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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017ACE : big data approach to scientific collaboration patterns analysisZammit, Andrei; Penza, Kenneth; Haddod, Foaad; Abela, Charlie; Azzopardi, Joel
2017Analysing and visualising parliamentary questions : a linked data approachAbela, Charlie; Azzopardi, Joel
2017-03Apps4Parliament : making parliamentary data more accessibleAzzopardi, Joel; Abela, Charlie
2015Automatic task-cluster generation based on document switching and revisitationAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried
2016Behaviour mining for automatic task-keeping and visualisations for task-refindingAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris
2005A BPEL engine and editor for the .NET frameworkBuckle, Matthew; Abela, Charlie; Montebello, Matthew
2006CCBR ontology for reusable service templatesAbela, Charlie; Montebello, Matthew
2015Collecting and analysing personal information management dataAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried
2007Comparing title only and full text indexing to classify web pages into bookmark categoriesStaff, Chris; Abela, Charlie
2002DAML enabled agents and workflow components integrationMontebello, Matthew; Abela, Charlie
2003DAML enabled web services and agents in the semantic webMontebello, Matthew; Abela, Charlie
2010DIME : desktop interruption managementBorg, Erika L.; Abela, Charlie; Staff, Chris
2022-11Enhancing stock price prediction models by using concept drift detectorsSammut, Charlton; Abela, Charlie; Vella, Vince
2018Extracting information from medieval notarial deedsEllul, Charlene; Azzopardi, Joel; Abela, Charlie
2020Mining drug-drug interactions for healthcare professionalsFarrugia, Lizzy; Abela, Charlie
2004Name finding from free text using HMMSGrixti, Wayne; Abela, Charlie; Montebello, Matthew
2019NotaryPedia : a knowledge graph of historical notarial manuscriptsEllul, Charlene; Azzopardi, Joel; Abela, Charlie
2011Online activity graph for document importance and associationAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried
2017OntoQAV : a pipeline for visualising ontology qualityMc Gurk, Silvio; Debattista, Jeremy; Abela, Charlie
2006Personalization for the Semantic Web IIIAbela, Charlie; Baldoni, Matteo; Baroglio, Cristina; Baumgartner, Robert; Brunkhorst, Ingo; Henze, Nicola; Klopotek, Mieczyslaw A.; Martelli, Alberto; Montebello, Matthew; Patti, Viviana; Wierzchon, Slawomir T.