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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03-07The aid of Bayesian radiocarbon modeling in assessing the chronology of Middle Bronze Age Sicily at the site level. A case studyAlberti, Gianmarco
2013A Bayesian 14C chronology of Early and Middle Bronze Age in Sicily. Towards an independent absolute datingAlberti, Gianmarco
2022Bayesian radiocarbon modeling and the absolute chronology of the Middle Bronze Age Thapsos facies in mainland Sicily : a view from St. Ippolito (Caltagirone)Tanasi, Davide; Alberti, Gianmarco; Caso, Giampiero; Tykot, Robert H.; Trapani, Paolo; Amoroso, Domenico
2022Bringing about the data revolution in development : what data skills do aspiring development professionals need?Bennett, Rachel; Alberti, Gianmarco; Çibik, Aytekin; Eremenko, Tatiana; Formosa, Saviour; Formosa Pace, Janice; Jiménez-Buedo, María; Lynch, Kenneth; Salazar, Leire; Ubeda, Paloma
2015-12Brocche Base Ring II da contesti del Bronzo Medio in Sicilia : produzione levantina, cipriota, o locale? Alcune considerazioniAlberti, Gianmarco
2015-08-03CAinterprTools : an R package to help interpreting correspondence analysis’ resultsAlberti, Gianmarco
2020Chapter 9 : locating potential pastoral foraging routes in Malta through the use of a Geographic Information SystemAlberti, Gianmarco; Grima, Reuben; Vella, Nicholas C.
2004Contributo alla seriazione delle necropoli siracusaneAlberti, Gianmarco
2018Correspondence analysisAlberti, Gianmarco
2018Correspondence analysis and the Freeman–Tukey statistic : a study of archaeological dataEric, Beh; Lombardo, Rosaria; Alberti, Gianmarco
2005The earliest contacts between south-eastern Sicily and Cyprus in the Late Bronze AgeAlberti, Gianmarco
2013Issues in the absolute chronology of the Early-Middle Bronze Age transition in Sicily and southern Italy : a Bayesian radiocarbon viewAlberti, Gianmarco
2008La ceramica eoliana della facies del Milazzese : studio crono-tipologico e culturale sulla base dei dati editi da Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina (in Italian with English summary)Alberti, Gianmarco
2019La cronologia del Bronzo Medio in Sicilia : sintesi, problemi, e prospettiveAlberti, Gianmarco
2013Making sense of contingency tables in archaeology : the aid of correspondence analysis to intra-site activity areas researchAlberti, Gianmarco
2015-02Material culture and people. Some methodological remarks on the study of Aeolian Middle Bronze Age settlement contextsAlberti, Gianmarco
2007Minima Thapsiana. Riflessioni sulla cronologia dell'abitato di ThapsosAlberti, Gianmarco
2014-03-01Modeling group size and scalar stress by logistic regression from an archaeological perspectiveAlberti, Gianmarco
2022Modern technologies, past realities : GIS-based approaches to the layered making of the Maltese landscapeAlberti, Gianmarco; Grima, Reuben; Vella, Nicholas C.
2019-10-04movecost : sn R package for calculating accumulated slope-dependent anisotropic cost-surfaces and least-cost pathsAlberti, Gianmarco