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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Balanced budget system : organizational and financial toolsMirgorodskaya, Elena Olegovna; Andreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Sugarova, Irina Vladimirovna; Sichev, Roman Alexandrovich
2017Experience of Greece on recapitalization of banks, marketing management and personnel retraining in conditions of economic recessionAndreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Sviridov, Oleg Yurievich
2019Financial engineering of infrastructure projects : the concessional mechanismAndreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Fedorov, A. V.; Prokopenko, E. S.; Sichev, Roman A.
2018Formation of an adaptive personnel training system as a factor of ensuring financial stability of leasing companiesVovchenko, N. G.; Alukhanyan, Arthur Alexandrovich; Andreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Buryakov, G. A.
2017Instruments of marketing and credit support of the large industrial enterprises development : international experienceAlukhanyan, Arthur Alexandrovich; Andreeva, Alina Vladimirova; Andreeva, Larisa Yurievna
2018The role of retraining technologies of personnel in ensuring financial stability of transport and industrial companiesAndreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Aksenov, Vasiliy Valerievich; Andreeva, Alina Vladimirova; Somko, M. L.
2017A tool of qualification coadaptationSkorev, Michail Michailovich; Andreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Kirishieva, Victoria Igorevna; Gigunova, Anna Victorovna
2017Tools of financial management of reputational risksGrafova, Tatiana Olegovna; Skorev, Michail Michailovich; Andreeva, Larisa Yurievna; Kirischeeva, Irina Rafaelevna