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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A bill to reform the courts in Gozo and to simplify proceedings between the courts in Malta and those in GozoAquilina, Kevin
2015Book review of president emeritus Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, An introduction to the law of education (Malta University Press 2013)Aquilina, Kevin
2006-06Broadcasting in GozoAquilina, Kevin
2018Consensus document : as part of an Erasmus+ project of the Bioethics Research Programme of the Medical School, on harmonisation of end of life care (EndCare)Mallia, Pierre; Aquilina, Kevin; Galea, Daniela; Sultana, Mark
2010The environment and development planning bill : proposals for improvementAquilina, Kevin
1991The Environment Protection Act, 1991 and the right of future generations to a heal thy environmentAquilina, Kevin
2012The EU Standards Directive on human organ transplantation : a Maltese Law evaluationAquilina, Kevin
1989Il-ligi Maltija u l-piena kapitaliAquilina, Kevin
2019Initial issue of the Mediterranean Human Rights Review [editorial]Aquilina, Kevin
2010Judicial appointment in Malta: A historico-legal perspectiveAquilina, Kevin
2009The legislative development of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Malta : a chronological appraisalAquilina, Kevin
1990Maltese legislation on the prevention, reduction and control of marine pollution : a critical studyAquilina, Kevin
2010The Mediterranean environment within a human rights context : towards the emergence of Mediterranean environmental human rights law and the implementation of an effective enforcement machinery thereforAquilina, Kevin; Bianco, Lino
2010Oration : respect for human dignity and the lawAquilina, Kevin
2017-12-20The rule of law a la maltaiseAquilina, Kevin
2017-03-04Squaring the circleAquilina, Kevin
1988Treason and sedition in Maltese LawAquilina, Kevin