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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Annotating for hate speech : the MaNeCo corpus and some input from critical discourse analysisAssimakopoulos, Stavros; Vella Muskat, Rebecca; van der Plas, Lonneke; Gatt, Albert
2021Argumentative dynamics in representations of migrants and refugees : evidence from the Italian press during the ‘refugee crisis’Serafis, Dimitrios; Raimondo, Carlo; Assimakopoulos, Stavros; Greco, Sara; Rocci, Andrea
2014-12The background of politeness universalsAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2021Beyond meaningNN and ostension : pragmatic inference in the wildAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2012Cognitive pragmatics and its interfaces in linguisticsAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2006Cognitive representation and the relevance of on-line constructionsAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2017Context selection in relevance theoryAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2017Current issues in intercultural pragmaticsKecskes, Istvan; Assimakopoulos, Stavros
2013The dynamics of pragmatic enrichment during metaphor processing : activation vs. suppressionTomlinson, John M. Jr; Assimakopoulos, Stavros
2017-12Exploring xenophobic and homophobic attitudes in Malta : linking the perception of social practice with textual analysisAssimakopoulos, Stavros; Vella Muskat, Rebecca
2017The expression of politeness in a bilingual setting : exploring the case of Maltese EnglishCremona, Martina; Assimakopoulos, Stavros; Vella, Alexandra
2020-07Incitement to discriminatory hatred, illocution and perlocutionAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2015The insularity of scientific reasoningAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2008Intention, common ground and the availability of semantic content : a relevance-theoretic perspectiveAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2015-12Motivating the procedural analysis of logical connectivesAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2012On encoded lexical meaning : philosophical and psychological perspectivesAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2017Online hate speech in the European Union : a discourse-analytic perspectiveAssimakopoulos, Stavros; Baider, Fabienne H.; Millar, Sharon
2017The pragmatic competence of student-teachers of Italian L2Caruana, Sandro; Ghia, Elisa; Vassallo Gauci, Phyllisienne; Kecskes, Istvan; Assimakopoulos, Stavros
2017Pragmatics at its interfacesAssimakopoulos, Stavros
2012Redefining logical constants as inference markersFrapolli, Maria Jose; Assimakopoulos, Stavros