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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Comparison of 3D-printed single crown outcomes among different computer-aided design software programsNo-Cortes, Juliana; Attard, Bonnie; Mifsud, David Paul; Ferreira Lima, Jacqueline; Markarian, Roberto Adrian; Ayres, Ana Paula; Cassar, Glenn; Cortes, Arthur R. G.; Attard, Nikolai John
2014Enhanced surface performance of Ti-6Al-4V alloy using a novel duplex process combining PVD-Al coating and triode plasma oxidationAttard, Bonnie; Matthews, Allan; Leyland, Adrian; Cassar, Glenn
2014Improving the surface characteristics of Ti-6A1-4V and Timetal 834 using PIRAC Nitriding treatmentsAttard, Bonnie
2018Improving the surface characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V and Timetal 834 using PIRAC nitriding treatmentsAttard, Bonnie; Leyland, Adrian; Matthews, Allan; Gutmanas, Elazar Yu; Gotman, Irena Y.; Cassar, Glenn
2020In-situ synthesised interlayer enhances bonding strength in additively manufactured multi-material hybrid toolingTan, Chaolin; Zhang, Xinyue; Dong, Dongdong; Attard, Bonnie; Wang, Di; Kuang, Min; Ma, Wenyou; Zhou, Kesong
2015-04Lighter and stronger planesAttard, Bonnie
2024Microstructural analysis of additively manufactured Ti–6Al–4V subjected to duplex surface treatmentVella, Kelsey Ann; Buhagiar, Joseph; Cassar, Glenn; Attard, Bonnie; Chen, Jian; Zammit, Ann
2022Microstructural characterisation and high-temperature oxidation of laser powder bed fusion processed Inconel 625Lewis, Emily Rose; Taylor, Mary P.; Cruchley, Nick; Attard, Bonnie; Morrison, A. P. C.; Attallah, Moataz M.; Cruchley, Sam S.
2020Microstructural control during laser powder fusion to create graded microstructure Ni-superalloy componentsAttard, Bonnie; Cruchley, Sam; Beetz, Christian; Megahed, Mohammad; Attallah, Moataz M.; Chiu, Yu Lung
2024Multi-material stainless steel fabrication using plasma wire arc additive manufacturingSegovia-Guerrero, Luis; Baladés, Nuria; Attard, Bonnie; De Nicolás, María; Scotti, Americo; Zammit, Ann; Sales, David L.
2021New materials developmentsAttard, Bonnie; A. Mohamed, Abd El-Moez; Attallah, Moataz M.
2021On the constitutive relationship between solidification cells and the fatigue behaviour of IN718 fabricated by laser powder bed fusionPiglione, Alessandro; Attard, Bonnie; Rielli, Vitor Vieira; Maldonado, Claudia-Tatiana Santos; Attallah, Moataz M.; Primig, Sophie; Pham, Minh-Son
2018Selective laser melting of high-performance pure tungsten : parameter design, densification behavior and mechanical propertiesTan, Chaolin; Zhou, Kesong; Ma, Wenyou; Attard, Bonnie; Zhang, Panpan; Kuang, Tongchun