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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Agricultural Engineering Studies meeting the FEANI and EurAgEng criteriaAttard, George
2010Agriculture adaptation in climate change : adaptation reportSpiteri Gingell, David; Seychell, Martin; Attard, George; Borg, Simone; Cremona, Marco; Sammut, Charles; Muscat, Mark; Camilleri, George; Debono, Robert; The Climate Change Committee for Adaptation (CCCA)
2015-04Agriculture chapter in Eco Gozo strategyAttard, George
2006Alternative products by the livestock sector in MaltaAttard, George
2016The blue cats of MaltaAttard, George; Gruppetta, Anthony
2017Case study of potential production of renewable energy sources (RES) from livestock wastes in Mediterranean islandsAttard, George; Comparetti, Antonio; Febo, Pierluigi; Greco, Carlo; Massimo Mammano, Michele; Orlando, Santo
2007Challenges and opportunities in the rural development plan for MaltaAttard, George
2006Constraints in the Maltese livestock sectorAttard, George
2004The cost of soil replacement : a Maltese case studyRole, Avertano; Attard, George
2008Definition of the emerging bio-systems engineering disciplines in EuropeAttard, George
2006The demografic Maltese situationAttard, George
2010Enhancing the attractiveness of European study programs in biosystems engineering in MaltaAttard, George
2016Environmental impact evaluation of dairy farms through life cycle assessment : a case study in MaltaProietti, Lavinia; Pauselli, Mariano; Paolotti, Luisa; Attard, George
2008The evolution of water culture in Malta : an analysis of the changing perceptions towards water throughout the agesSapiano, Manuel; Micallef, Paul; Attard, George; Zammit, Marie-Louise
2015The first mitochondrial survey on the current population of the Maltese cattle breed testifies a strong and significant founder effect and a maternal influence from Northern EuropeCardinali, Irene; Lancioni, Hovirag; Lorenzo, Piera di; Ceccobelli, Simone; Rosario Capodiferro, Marco; Fichera, Alessandro; Gruppetta, Anthony; Attard, George; Lasagna, Emiliano; Achilli, Alessandro
2008Food, rural, agricultural and fisheries policies in MaltaAttard, George; Meli, Anthony
2015Genetic differentiation between Segugio dell’Appennino and Segugio Maremmano dog breeds assessed by microsatellite markersLa Manna, Vincenzo; Lasagna, Emiliano; Ceccobelli, Simone; Lorenzo, Piera di; Cosmo, Attilio M. de; Attard, George; Sarti, Francesca M.; Panella, Francesco; Renieri, Carlo
2015Genetic diversity and phylogeographic structure of sixteen Mediterranean chicken breeds assessed with microsatellites and mitochondrial DNACeccobelli, Simone; Lorenzo, Piera di; Lancioni, Hovirag; Monteagudo Ibanez, Luis; Tejedor, M. T.; Castellini, Cesare; Landi, Vincenzo; Martinez Martinez, Amparo; Delgado Bermejo, Jean Vicente; Vega Pla, J. L.; Leon Jurado, J. M.; Garcia, N.; Attard, George; Grimal, Amparo; Stojanovic, Srdjan; Kume, K.; Panella, Francesco; Weigend, Steffen; Lasagna, Emiliano
1978L-Arcisqof Gonzi intervistat mir-rivista StorjaVella, Andrew; Attard, George
2008-01METIC agriculture : a resume of identified themes for collaborationAttard, George