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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-06Active ageing in practice – seniors as interpreters and learners of cultural heritageCassar, George; Avellino, Marie
2017Branding a nation-state after half a century of independence : the case of MaltaAvellino, Marie; Cassar, George
2012Britain in aspic : tourist visits to MaltaAvellino, Marie
2020The British-Maltese tourism encounterAvellino, Marie
2020A change process for the Tourism Undergraduate Programme of the University of MaltaEbejer, John; Buttigieg, Noel; Avellino, Marie
2020A critical debate of the cultural and social effects of Valletta 2018 European Capital of CultureEbejer, John; Xuereb, Karsten; Avellino, Marie
2019Cultural foodscapes of an island nationAvellino, Marie; Buttigieg, Noel; Cassar, George
2014-10-21Developing stakeholder markets for social tourism : key challenges for education and training : a European case studyJones, Andrew; Theuma, Nadia; Azzopardi, Sarah; Avellino, Marie
2020Editors noteAvellino, Marie; Cassar, George
2020-07Education tourism : internationalisation and sustainabilityAvellino, Marie
2005-03-31An enabling framework for teleworkAvellino, Marie
2020Encoding and interpreting neolithic sites : world heritage temples in MaltaAvellino, Marie; Munro, Dane
2017Encoding and interpreting neolithic sites : world heritage temples in Malta [presentation]Avellino, Marie; Munro, Munro
2015A handbook for heritage interpreters and interpretation managersSeccombe, Peter; Douglas, Sarah; Cenderello, Andrea; Kozieł-Siudut, Lidia; Lehnes, Patrick; Lehnes, Bettina; Avellino, Marie; Cassar, George; Hilton, Laura; Jefferies, Helen; Holland, Jude; Riando, Fran; Buyko, Małgorzata; Szust, Danuta; Nowakowska, Barbara; Russek, Halina
2019Has overtourism reached the Maltese Islands?Briguglio, Lino; Avellino, Marie
2020-07ITTC biennial report 2018-2019Avellino, Marie
2016Managing heritage site interpretation for older adult visitorsAvellino, Marie; ISTEI. University of Milan-Bicocca
2020-04-30Negotiating a postmemory dichotomy : nostalgia and aversion in MaltaCassar, George; Avellino, Marie
2018-10Overtourism : its meaning and its impact on the host countryEbejer, John; Butcher, Jim; Avellino, Marie
2021Overtourism, environmental degradation and governance in small islands with special reference to MaltaBriguglio, Lino; Avellino, Marie