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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Application of topical negative pressure (vacuum-assisted closure) to split-thickness skin grafts : a structured evidence-based reviewAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Boyce, Dean E.; Dickson, William A.; Azzopardi, Elayne; Laing, James Hamish Ellsworth; Whitaker, Iain S.; Shokrollahi, Kayvan
2014Changes in perceptions regarding correct preoperative storage and transfer of amputated digits : a 5‐year follow‐upOomman, Anokha; Tickunas, Tomas; Javed, Muhamad; Yarrow, Jeremy; Azzopardi, Elayne; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Whitaker, Ian S.
2019Cost-benefit analysis of cutaneous laser surgery in secondary burn reconstructionAzzopardi, Elayne; Duncan, R.; Kearns, M.; Packman, D.; Ibrahim, N.; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Murison, Maxwell; Tretti Clementoni, Matteo; Boyce, Dean E.
2018Family education seminar for hypospadias surgery, a powerful preoperative tool -7yr outcomesAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Azzopardi, Elayne; Wilson Jones, Nicholas
2014-04Gram negative wound infection in hospitalised adult burn patients--systematic review and metanalysis-Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Azzopardi, Elayne; Camilleri, Liberato; Villapalos, Jorge; Boyce, Dean E.; Dziewulski, Peter; Dickson, William A.; Whitaker, Iain S.
2013Perceptions regarding correct pre-operative storage and transfer of amputated digits : a national experienceOomman, Anokha; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Azzopardi, Elayne; Javed, M.; Yarrow, Jeremy; Tickunas, T.; Whitaker, I.
2021Picosecond laser versus historical responses to Q-switched lasers for tattoo treatment”.Pedrelli, Valerio; Azzopardi, Elayne; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Tretti Clementoni, Matteo
2021Treatment of cutaneous basal cell carcinoma with combined laser extirpation and methyl aminolevulinic acid : five-year success ratesAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Abdelrahman, W.; Azzopardi, Elayne; O’Leary, B.; Yarrow, Jeremy; Miles, N.; Barbara, Christopher H.; Camilleri, L.; Clementoni, Matteo Tretti; Murison, Maxwell
2020Value of clinical, ultrasonographic and MRI signs as diagnostic differentiators of non-benign lipomatous tumoursKhan, Karishma; Azzopardi, Elayne; Camilleri, Liberato; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Bragg, Thomas H.