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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Acute pain management during facial injection of botulinum toxin : an evidence-based systematic reviewAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Whitaker, Iain S.
2013Application of topical negative pressure (vacuum-assisted closure) to split-thickness skin grafts : a structured evidence-based reviewAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Boyce, Dean E.; Dickson, William A.; Azzopardi, Elayne; Laing, James Hamish Ellsworth; Whitaker, Iain S.; Shokrollahi, Kayvan
2019Botulinum toxin for upper limb cerebral palsy in children : evidence of efficacy and rationale for its useAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Boyce, Dean E.
2010A case of simultaneous digital flexor and extensor tendon injuries in zone IBranford, Olivier Alexandre; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Iyer, Srinivasan S.
2014Changes in perceptions regarding correct preoperative storage and transfer of amputated digits : a 5‐year follow‐upOomman, Anokha; Tickunas, Tomas; Javed, Muhamad; Yarrow, Jeremy; Azzopardi, Elayne; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Whitaker, Ian S.
2014Characteristic gram-negative bacteria and a clinically viable mechanism for selective drug targetingAzzopardi, Ernest A.
2017Chromophores in operative surgery : current practice and rationalized developmentAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Owens, Siân-Eleri; Murison, Maxwell; Rees, Daniel; Sawhney, M. Anne; Francis, Lewis W.; Rodrigues Teixeira, Sofia; Clement, Marc; Conlan, R. Steven; Whitaker, Iain S.
2016Clinical applications of amylase : novel perspectivesAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Rodrigues Teixeira, Sofia; Conlan, R. Steven; Whitaker, Iain S.
2012Clostridium histolyticum collagenase in the treatment of Dupuytren's contractureAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Boyce, Dean E.
2013Colistin in burn intensive care : back to the future?Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Boyce, Dean E.; Thomas, David W.; Dickson, William A.
2013Colistin past and future : a bibliographic analysisAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Ferguson, Elaine L.; Thomas, David W.
2019Cost-benefit analysis of cutaneous laser surgery in secondary burn reconstructionAzzopardi, Elayne; Duncan, R.; Kearns, M.; Packman, D.; Ibrahim, N.; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Murison, Maxwell; Tretti Clementoni, Matteo; Boyce, Dean E.
2020Cutaneous laser surgery for secondary burn reconstruction : cost benefit analysisAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Duncan, Robert T.; Kearns, Mollie; Marangoni, Francesco; Ibrahim, Nader; Boyce, Dean; Tretti Clementoni, Matteo; Murison, Maxwell
2015Development and validation of an in vitro pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model to test the antibacterial efficacy of antibiotic polymer conjugatesAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Ferguson, Elaine L.; Thomas, David W.
2014Dextrin–colistin conjugates as a model bioresponsive treatment for multidrug resistant bacterial infectionsFerguson, Elaine L.; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Roberts, Jessica L.; Walsh, Timothy R.; Thomas, David W.
2013The enhanced permeability retention effect : a new paradigm for drug targeting in infectionAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Ferguson, Elaine L.; Thomas, David W.
2010Extended multidrug-resistant stenotrophomonas maltophilia septicemia in a severely burnt patientLeung, Cindy; Drew, Peter; Azzopardi, Ernest A.
2018Family education seminar for hypospadias surgery, a powerful preoperative tool -7yr outcomesAzzopardi, Ernest A.; Azzopardi, Elayne; Wilson Jones, Nicholas
2009Fluid resuscitation in adults with severe burns at risk of secondary abdominal compartment syndrome - an evidence based systematic reviewAzzopardi, Ernest A.; McWilliams, Bill; Iyer, Srinivasan; Whitaker, Iain S.
2009-06Fluid resuscitation management in severely burnt adults at risk of secondary abdominal compartment syndrome - an evidence based systematic reviewAzzopardi, Ernest A.; McWilliams, Bill; Srinvasan, Iyer