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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Comparing Malta and USA police officers’ individual and organizational support on outcomesFarr-Wharton, Ben; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; Brunetto, Yvonne; Farr-Wharton, Rod; Herold, Natalie; Shriberg, Art
2017Comparing the impact of management support on police officers’ perceptions of discretionary power and engagement : Australia, USA and MaltaBrunetto, Yvonne; Farr-Wharton, Ben; Farr-Wharton, Rod; Shacklock, Kate; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; Saccon, Chiara; Shriberg, Art
2016Culture and intellectual capital : towards a conceptual frameworkGupta, Uma; Massa, Nathaniel P.; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2020Editorial : the changing local labour market and the changing HR professionalCassar, Vincent; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2013-04The five Cs of intellectual capital : two additional dimensions of assessmentGupta, Uma; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2000-04-13Industry and manpower : unleashing Gozo’s potentialAzzopardi, Joseph G.
2012-09Investigating motivations and volunteering outcomes in local government : evidence from MaltaBezzina, Frank; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; McKiernan, Peter
2016Laudato sì : the human implications for business and political leadersAzzopardi, Joseph G.
2018Learning from experience in a national healthcare system : organizational dynamics that enable or inhibit change processesDalmas, Miriam; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2019Malta and its human resources : management and development perspectivesBaldacchino, Godfrey; Cassar, Vincent; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2015The matching of motivations to affordances among Maltese elected local government volunteers : implications for sustaining civil societyBezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; McKiernan, Peter
2007-06Nirrangaw : a social psychological process in an island communityAzzopardi, Joseph G.; Mann, Pete
2006Nirrangaw – a basic social psychological process in an island communityAzzopardi, Joseph G.; Mann, Pete
2015Solving problems, the island way : human resourcefulness in action among the islanders of GozoAzzopardi, Joseph G.
1995Training for flexibility and changing technologiesAzzopardi, Joseph G.