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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-31Ahna Refugjati (Theater program)Valletta 2018 Foundation; Azzopardi, Mario Philip; Farrugia, Antoine; Merrill Brown, Richard; Sammut, Mario
2019-05-17Ave Maria ghall-Ispettur BonniciManoel Theatre; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
2014-04-11Cittadin Vassalli (Theater program)Manoel Theatre; Grima, Tyrone; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
1966-05-15The final performance of the plays by the three best groups of the second festival (Theatre programme)Manoel Theatre; Organising Committee of the National Children's Drama Festival; Bugeja, Paul; Ould, Herman; Mangion, M. R.; Azzopardi, Mario Louis; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
2023-04-28Il-Kap tal-oppożizzjoniManoel Theatre; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
2013-03-22In-nisa Maltin jafu kif (Theater program)Azzopardi, Mario Philip; Manoel Theatre; Azzopardi, Clare; Teuma, Marcelle; Vella, Janet
2021-03-12Ir-Raġel li ħawwad lil martu ma' kappellBrook, Peter; Estienne, Marie-Helene; Teatru Manoel; Azzopardi, Mario Philip; Sacks, Oliver
2015-01-31Ix-xitan kunjomu Malti (Theater program)Manoel Theatre; Stagun Teatru Malti; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
1977-10-02KarnivalEbejer, Francis; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
2013-02-22L-indemonjati u Maltin ohra (Theater program)Zarb, Elton; Manoel Theatre; Azzopardi, Mario Philip; Marshall, Albert; Khoo, Marvin
1998-05-30Signpost to murderAtturi Theatre Group; Doyle, Monte; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
2011-02-25Xbihat (Theater program)Manoel Theatre; Azzopardi, Mario Philip
n.d.Xbihat ta xi whud li huma kattolici (theater programme)Manoel Theatre; Azzopardi, Mario Philip