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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013All hands on deck! How Europeanised is the Maltese labour market?Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2022Changes in the development of social policy in a small island economy : MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie; Azzopardi, Joseph; Bonnici, Maximilian
2017The changing face of the family in MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2023Changing pedagogy for contemporaneity with new design platformsBonnici, Isabelle; Greene, Henry; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Azzopardi, Joseph; Liu, Ran; Bonnici, Joseph
2022Citizen administration and academic opportunity : the plight of Maltese AustraliansBonnici, Joseph; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Azzopardi, Joseph; Bonnici, Isabelle
2018Culture change neededAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2050Developing a gender pay gap action plan for MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2006Economic and monetary union and the ten new member states : a comparative analysisAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2006The economics of the single currencyAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2022-02-14Education and citizenshipAzzopardi, Rose Marie; Dingli, Alexiei
2014Encouraging female entrepreneurshipAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2006Enlargement and small states in the European UnionAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2015ESPN Thematic report on integrated support for the long-term unemployedVassasllo, Mario; Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2015ESPN Thematic report on social investment MaltaVassasllo, Mario; Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2013The ESPON 2013 programme : the development of the islands – European islands and cohesion policy (EUROISLANDS)Spilanis, Ioannis; Kizos, Thanasis; Biggi, Michael; Vaitis, Michalis; Kokkoris, Giorgos; Lekakou, Maria; Pallis, Thanassis; Vayanni, Lena; Koulouri, Maria; Margaris, Konstantinos; Koukourouvli, Nikoletta; Vangelas, Giorgos; Stefanidaki, Evangelia; Toudal, Mikkel; Ioannidis, Dimitri; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2000EU accession criteria - the macroeconomic dimension : a case study of MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2007The evolution of labour law in the new member states of the European Union : 1995-2005 - country studies on Cyprus and MaltaTheophanous, Andreas; Antoniou, Michalis; Tirkides, Yiannis; Ioannou, Christina; Azzopardi, Rose Marie; Georgiou, Kyriakos E.
2019Factors affecting women entrepreneurs in Malta and IndonesiaAzzopardi, Rose Marie; Lubis, Ratna Lindawati
2019Gender mainstreaming in MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2017The gender pay gap in MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie