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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The anthropologist’s last bow : ontology and mysticism in pursuit of the sacredBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2019Anthropology as critique : the legacy of Joel KahnBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Houston, Christopher
2011Believing in a secular age : anthropology, sociology and religious experienceBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Kahn, Joel S.
2020Between fantasy and realism : gender, identification and desire among Korean viewers of second-wave Korean dramasBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Park, Eun-Jee
2017Communities of dance : social dancing in Malta : a case study on Argentine tangoBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2014Contextualizing the secular public sphere : religious ritual, festa and migrant identity in Malta and AustraliaBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2009Dreams in child analysis : Winnicott's Piggle and dreams as symptoms in a Lacanian clinicBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2011The eidetic of belonging : towards a phenomenological psychology of affect and ethno-national identityBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2011Eidos and affect : a response to Hook, Sullivan, Dixon and CondorBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2008Eros and Modernity : convulsions of the heart in modern KoreaBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2010The evil eye (ghajn) in Malta : grappling with Skinner’s pigeons and rehabilitating lame ducksBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2009In memory of Claude - Le Triste AnthropologueBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2014In sickness and in love : autumn in my heart and the embodiment of morality in Korean television dramaBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2022Introduction : anthropology and its crisesBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Mitchell, Jon P.
2019Is there no honour among the Maltese? : paradigms of honour in a Mediterranean moral economyBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2021Malta case report based on Vulnerability Assessment pilot and policy recommendationsBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Said, Maurice; Orsini, Gisella; Sultana, Victoria; Camilleri, Adrian; Zammit, Gabriel
2012Markets of piety and pious markets : the Protestant ethic and the spirit of Korean capitalismBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2011Miracles in the waiting room of modernity : the canonisation of Dun Gorg of MaltaBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2018Moral geometry, natural alignments and utopian urban form : a comparative study of Campanella, Le Corbusier and King T’aejo’s SeoulBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2022Morality, crisis and capitalism : anthropology for troubled timesBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Mitchell, Jon P.