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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201610-15 years old children living in Malta are at higher risk for developing allergic respiratory diseases than those living in Southern SicilyDrago, Gaspare; Balzan, Martin; Ruggieri, Silvia; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Colombo, Paolo; Piva, Giuseppe; Cuttitta, Giuseppina; Bucchieri, Salvatore; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni; Cibella, Fabio
2014Gender difference in skin prick sensitivity to allergens in 10-15 year cases with respiratory symptoms vs controls in Sicily and MaltaBalzan, Martin; Zammit, Christopher; Bilocca, David; Cibella, Fabio; Ruggieri, Silvia; Drago, Gaspare; Minardi, Remo; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2013Indoor air quality : presence of students in a classroom changes levels of air-borne particulate matterBalzan, Martin; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Montefort, Stephen
2014Indoor and outdoor concentration of PM2.5 vanadium, nickel, and sulphur in three Mediterranean areasCibella, Fabio; Perrino, Cinzia; Balzan, Martin; Ruggieri, Silvia; Bilocca, David; Drago, Gaspare; Zammit, Christopher; Minardi, Remo; Cuttitta, Giuseppina; Melis, Mario; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2017Predictors of correct technique in patients using pressurized metered dose inhalersBartolo, Kyra; Balzan, Martin; Schembri, Emma Louise; Asciak, Rachelle; Mercieca Balbi, Darlene; Pace Bardon, Michael; Montefort, Stephen
2015Predictors of good inhaler technique in asthma and COPDCamilleri, Kyra; Balzan, Martin; Pace Bardon, Michael; Schembri, Emma; Sullivan, Michael; Mifsud, Simon; Muscat, Darlene; Asciaq, Rachelle; Montefort, Stephen
2015Predictors of headache in urban and rural setting from respiratory questionnaires in children aged 10-15Balzan, Martin; Cibella, Fabio; Zammit, Christopher; Ruggieri, Silvia; Bilocca, David; Minardi, Remo; Drago, Gaspare; Cuttita, Giuseppina; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2013Predictors of seasonal influenza vaccination in chronic asthmaAsciak, Rachelle; Balzan, Martin; Buttigieg, Jesmar
1991Scombroid fish poisoning after ingestion of Dolphin fish (Lampuki)Balzan, Martin; Portelli, Alex
2017Sensitization to dust mite defines different phenotypes of asthma : a multicenter studyRuggieri, Silvia; Drago, Gaspare; Longo, Valeria; Colombo, Paolo; Balzan, Martin; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Montefort, Stephen; Scaccianoce, Gianluca; Cuttitta, Giuseppina; Viegi, Giovanni; Cibella, Fabio; The RESPIRA Project Group
2014Total serum IgE and specific IgE levels in 10-15 year old children with respiratory symptoms and healthy controls in Sicily and MaltaBalzan, Martin; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Cibella, Fabio; Colombo, Paolo; Longo, Valeria; Borg, Charles; Piva, Giuseppe; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni