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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Climate change and health vulnerability in informal urban settlements in the Ethiopian rift valleyBambrick, Hilary; Moncada, Stefano; Briguglio, Marie
2016Collecting water : Shashemene, Ethiopia, November 2015Bambrick, Hilary; Moncada, Stefano
2021Coping with environmental hazards and shocks in Kiribati : experiences of climate change by atoll communities in the Equatorial PacificCauchi, John Paul; Moncada, Stefano; Bambrick, Hilary; Correa-Velez, Ignacio
2019Extreme weather events in small island developing states : barriers to climate change adaptation among coastal communities in a remote island of FijiMoncada, Stefano; Bambrick, Hilary
2015From social reform to social transformation : human ecological systems and adaptation to a more hostile climateBambrick, Hilary; Moncada, Stefano
2018Guest editorial : development and climate change in small island developing statesMoncada, Stefano; Briguglio, Lino; Bambrick, Hilary; Kelman, Ilan
2019The health impacts of a community biogas facility in an informal Urban settlement : does training matter?Moncada, Stefano; Bambrick, Hilary; Briguglio, Marie
2021Introduction to the book : Small island developing states : vulnerability and resilience under climate changeMoncada, Stefano; Bambrick, Hilary; Briguglio, Lino; Iorns, Catherine; Kelman, Ilan; Nurse, Leonard
2021Nutritional diversity and community perceptions of health and importance of foods in Kiribati : a case studyCauchi, John Paul; Bambrick, Hilary; Moncada, Stefano; Correa-Velez, Ignacio
2021Small island developing states : vulnerability and resilience under climate changeMoncada, Stefano; Briguglio, Lino; Bambrick, Hilary; Kelman, Ilan; Iorns, Catherine; Nurse, Leonard
2021‘White flour, white sugar, white rice, white salt’ : barriers to achieving food and nutrition security in KiribatiJohn Paul Cauchi, John Paul Cauch; Bambrick, Hilary; Correa-Velez, Ignacio; Moncada, Stefano