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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Autogenous laser keyhole welding of AISI 316LTiD'Amato, Clayton; Fenech, Maurizio; Abela, Stephen; Betts, John Charles; Buhagiar, Joseph P.
2010Characterisation, wear and corrosion testing of laser-deposited AISI 316 reinforced with ceramic particlesBetts, John Charles; Mordike, B. L.; Grech, Maurice
2009Direct laser deposition and sliding wear of AISI316/WC10Ni and AISI316/Cr3C2 surfacesBetts, John Charles; Mordike, B. L.; Fenech, Maurizio; Grech, Maurice
2009The direct laser deposition of AISI316 stainless steel and Cr3C2 powderBetts, John Charles
2017Discrete laser spot hardening of austempered ductile ironZammit, Ann; Abela, Stephen; Betts, John Charles; Grech, Maurice
1986The drag coefficient of windmill rotorsBetts, John Charles
2020Ghost in the shellBetts, John Charles; Brogan, Catriona
2014High resolution agriculture land cover using aerial digital photography and GIS : a case study for small island statesGaldies, Charles; Betts, John Charles; Vassallo, Antonella; Micallef, Anton
2012The in-flight temperature variation and dissolution of WC powder particles producing an Fe–Cr–W–C system by direct laser depositionFenech, Maurizio; Grech, Maurice; Betts, John Charles
2006An investigation of ramped laser material depositionBetts, John Charles; Grech, Maurice; Mordike, B. L.
2008The laser deposition of AISI316 stainless steel with WC10Ni agglomeratesBetts, John Charles; Mordike, B. L.; Grech, Maurice
2008The laser deposition of ceramic particles coated with high-reflectivity metalsBetts, John Charles; Mordike, B. L.; Zammit, Ann; Grech, Maurice
2007The laser deposition of stainless steel-matrix composite surfacesBetts, John Charles
2014Laser surface alloying of an A356 aluminium alloy using nickel and Ni-Ti-C : a corrosion studyD'Amato, Clayton; Buhagiar, Joseph P.; Betts, John Charles
2020MaltaPot microscope image mosaic Ghar Dalam sherd 2015Betts, John Charles
2018Merging past and futureBetts, John Charles; Fenech, Iggy
2021Open data : an academic perspective - based on a W.I.P.Betts, John Charles
2012Post-deposition heat treatment of co-deposited Cr3C2 and AISI 410 stainless steel using the coaxial laser deposition techniqueFenech, Maurizio; Mallia, Bertram; Grech, Maurice; Betts, John Charles
2014A progressive failure analysis applied to fiber-reinforced composite plates subject to out-of-plane bendingEllul Grech, Brian; Camilleri, Duncan; Betts, John Charles
2012Routes : fabric VallettaAzzopardi, Andrew; Azzopardi, Jacqueline; Formosa, Saviour; Scicluna, Sandra; Betts, John Charles; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya