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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Childhood victimization and HIV risk behaviors among university students in Saint-Petersburg, RussiaBogolyubova, Olga; Skochilov, Roman; Smykalo, Lyubov
2015Childhood victimization experiences of young adults in St. Petersburg, RussiaBogolyubova, Olga; Skochilov, Roman; Smykalo, Lyubov
2023COVID-19 vaccination attitudes across the European continentSammut, Fiona; Suda, David; Caruana, Mark Anthony; Bogolyubova, Olga
2018Dark personalities on Facebook : harmful online behaviors and languageBogolyubova, Olga; Panicheva, Polina; Tikhonov, Roman; Ivanov, Viktor; Ledovaya, Yanina
2018Expression of psychological distress on Instagram using hashtags in Russian and English : a comparative analysisBogolyubova, Olga; Upravitelev, Philipp; Churilova, Anastasia; Ledovaya, Yanina
2019I am onlineBogolyubova, Olga
2020The language of positive mental health : findings from a sample of Russian Facebook usersBogolyubova, Olga; Panicheva, Polina; Ledovaya, Yanina; Tikhonov, Roman; Yaminov, Bulat
2016Lexical, morphological and semantic correlates of the dark triad personality traits in Russian Facebook textsPanicheva, Polina; Ledovaya, Yanina; Bogolyubova, Olga
2013Orphaned and abused youth are vulnerable to pregnancy and suicide riskZapata, Lauren B.; Kissin, Dmitry M.; Bogolyubova, Olga; Yorick, Roman V.; Kraft, Joan Marie; Jamieson, Denise J.; Marchbanks, Polly A.; Hillis, Susan D.
2022A quality review of smart-phone applications for smoking cessationPortelli, Pamela; Bogolyubova, Olga; Lopez, Belen Tristan; Sainz-Maza, Andrea
2021Traumatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in an international sample : contribution of fatalism to psychological distress and behavior changeBogolyubova, Olga; Sainz-Maza Fernandez, Andrea; Tristan Lopez, Belen; Portelli, Pamela
2017Violence exposure, posttraumatic stress, and subjective well-being in a sample of Russian adults : a Facebook-based studyBogolyubova, Olga; Tikhonov, Roman; Ivanov, Victor; Panicheva, Polina; Ledovaya, Yanina
2022What do we know about EMDR therapy research? A bibliometric analysisBogolyubova, Olga; Lovakov, Andrey