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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Case number 1 : chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy CIDPBoffa, Michelle; Borg, Daniel
2020Collaboration and innovation : the way forward for GozoBorg, Daniel
2009The evolution of GAPSE in Malta : a qualitative approach to establish the basis for conclusions and beyondBorg, Daniel
2015The formation of the architect-engineer, perito and agrimensore, and their regulation by the Order of St John in eighteenth-century MaltaSpiteri, Mevrick; Borg, Daniel
2012Ground source heat pumps : potential applications & limitations in MaltaBorg, Daniel; Buhagiar, Vincent
2011Identifying the values and position of Malta through a unified nation brandBorg, Daniel
n.d.L-lactate reduces ischemia-induced oligodendrocyte injury and modulates white matter HCA1 expression in a mouse MCAO modelVella, Jasmine; Zammit, Christian; Zammit, Robert; Borg, Daniel; Valentino, Mario
2017The potential of using honeybees as indicators of metal pollution in two locations in MaltaBorg, Daniel
2003Report on the excavation of a Punic tombVella, Nicholas C.; Borg, Allison; Borg, Daniel; Cardona, Neville J.; Chetcuti-Bonavita, Kristian; Corrado, Andre; DeGaetano, Elizabeth; Fenech, Katrin; Sagona, Claudia; Samut-Tagliaferro, John; Vella Gregory, Isabelle
2016A review of diabetic patients’ knowledge in a high prevalent European country : MaltaCuschieri, Sarah; Borg, Daniel; Pace, Sean; Camilleri, Francesca
2017A study of the identity of a place through people’s experiencesBorg, Daniel
1968To die and let live : that is the questionBorg, Daniel