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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Age and sex differences in performance in an 11-plus selective examinationBorg, Mark G.; Falzon, Joseph M.; Sammut, Arthur
1981An analysis of a mathematics test : an item and error analysis of the National Primary Schools Annual Examination in Mathematics for Year Six, 1977Borg, Mark G.
1995Birth date and sex effects on the scholastic attainment of primary schoolchildren : a cross-sectional studyBorg, Mark G.; Falzon, Joseph M.
1985Conducting process-product studies : some considerationsBorg, Mark G.
1990Coping actions used by Maltese primary school teachersBorg, Mark G.; Falzon, Joseph M.
1989Education : volume 3 : number 3Falzon, Joseph M.; Borg, Mark G.
1998The emotional reactions of school bullies and their victimsBorg, Mark G.
1999The extent and nature of bullying among primary and secondary school childrenBorg, Mark G.
1999-12The Faculty of Education : a glance at its past, taking stock of its present and a vision for its futureBorg, Mark G.
1998The inclusive education programme in Maltese schools - an independent evaluationBorg, Mark G.; Borg, George; Martinelli, Victor
1999L'abbandono scoIastico : analisi e proposte suI fenomeno in AbruzzoBorg, Mark G.
1989Maltese primary school teachers' perception of the seriousness of stealing, cruelty, and lying in schoolchildrenBorg, Mark G.; Falzon, Joseph M.
1998Maltese teachers' perception of morally-undesirable behaviours among secondary schoolchildrenBorg, Mark G.
1992Occupational stress among primary and secondary teachers and school administrators in the island nation of MaltaBorg, Mark G.
1991Occupational stress and satisfaction in teachingBorg, Mark G.; Riding, Richard J.
2001-06School absenteeismBorg, Mark G.
2010School psychology for diversity : editorialBartolo, Paul A.; Borg, Mark G.; Cefai, Carmel; Martinelli, Victor
1998Secondary school teachers' perception of pupils' undesirable behavioursBorg, Mark G.
1994Sex differences in scholastic attainment from year 3 to form IV : a study of trendsBorg, Mark G.
1991Sources of teacher stress in Maltese primary schoolsBorg, Mark G.; Falzon, Joseph M.