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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Early ambulation and discharge after four French femoral artery catheterisation for diagnostic coronary angiographyGatt, Vince; Borg, Michael; Agius, John; Fenech, Albert; Grech, Victor E.
2022Healthcare management during COVID‐19 : insights from an acute hospital lessons learned from the pandemicAgius, Stephen; Borg, Michael
n.d.Il-Psapar ta' Guda (Theater script)Oratory of St. Domenico Savio (Birkirkara, Malta); Borg, Michael
n.d.Il-Vittma tat-tradiment (Theater script)Oratory of St. Domenico Savio (Birkirkara, Malta); Borg, Michael
2021Impact on COVID-19 hospitalisation rates of Maltese elderly following achievement of 70% first dose vaccine coverageBorg, Michael; Suda, David; Brincat, Andre; Agius, Stephen; Fearne, Christopher
1947-01-16Ir-ruħ ta’ Wiġi il-ġardinar (Theater script)Oratory of St. Domenico Savio (Birkirkara, Malta); Borg, Michael
1947-10-26L-Akbar halliel (Theater script)Oratory of St. Domenico Savio (Birkirkara, Malta); Borg, Michael
2003-06Rett syndrome awareness : a parents experienceBorg, Karen; Borg, Michael
2014The role and utilisation of public health evaluations in Europe : a case study of national hand hygiene campaignsLatham, Jonathan R.; Magiorakos, Anna-Pelagia; Monnet, Dominique Louis; Alleaume, Sophie; Aspevall, Olov; Blacky, Alexander; Borg, Michael; Ciurus, Maria; Costa, Ana Cristina; Cunney, Robert; Dolinšek, Mojca; Dumpis, Uga; Erne, Sabine; Gudlaugsson, Olafur; Hedlova, Dana; Heisbourg, Elisabeth; Holt, Jette; Kerbo, Natalia; Sorknes, Nina Kristine; Lyytikäinen, Outi; Maltezou, Helena C.; Michael, Stavroula; Moro, Maria Luisa; Reichardt, Christiane; Stefkovicova, Maria; Szilágyi, Emese; Valinteliene, Rolanda; Vatcheva-Dobrevska, Rossitza; Viseur, Natacha; Voss, Andreas; Woodward, Suzette; Cordier, Laura; Jansen, Andreas; Spanish Hand Hygiene Campaign
2015Social interaction at Cospicua during the first 50 years of British rule : 1800-1850Borg, Michael