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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Addressing the challenge of antibiotic resistance in Maltese healthcare settingsBorg, Michael Angelo
2021Adverse reactions to Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination of healthcare workers at Malta's state hospitalCuschieri, Sarah; Borg, Michael Angelo; Agius, Stephen; Souness, Jorgen; Brincat, Andre; Grech, Victor E.
2007Ambulatory care self-medication with antibiotics within countries in the south-eastern Mediterranean region : results from the ARMed projectScicluna, Elizabeth Anne; Borg, Michael Angelo; ARMed Project collaborators
1994-10Antibiotic prophylaxis in obstetric and gynaecological surgeryBorg, Michael Angelo
2009Antibiotic resistance surveillance and control in the Mediterranean region : report of the ARMed consensus conferenceBorg, Michael Angelo; Cookson, Barry D.; Zarb, Peter; Scicluna, Elizabeth A.; ARMed Steering Group and Collaborators
1993Antibiotic sensitivities of urinary tract pathogenes in Maltese patientsBorg, Michael Angelo
1995Antibiotic sensitivity patterns of hospital & community isolates in the Maltese IslandsBorg, Michael Angelo; Cuschieri, P.
1998Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of local strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosZarb, Peter; Borg, Michael Angelo
2007Antimicrobial consumption in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean hospitals : final results from the ARMed ProjectZarb, Peter; Borg, Michael Angelo; Fenech, Matus; Goossens, Herman
2008Antimicrobial resistance in invasive strains of Escherichia coli from southern and eastern Mediterranean laboratoriesBorg, Michael Angelo; Van De Sande-Bruinsma, Nienke; Scicluna, Elizabeth Anne; De Kraker, M. E. A.; Tiemersma, Edine W.; Monen, Jos C.M.; Grundmann, H.
2007Antimicrobial resistance within Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from eastern and southern Mediterranean countriesBorg, Michael Angelo; Scicluna, Elizabeth Anne; Tiemersma, Edine W.; Kraker, M. E. A. de; Sande-Bruinsma, Nienke van de; Monen, Jos C. M.; Grundmann, Hajo J.; ARMed Project collaborators
2015-12Assessment of the utility of repeat stool testing for Clostridium difficile stool toxin using enzyme immunoassayGalea, Karl; Barbara, Christopher; Borg, Michael Angelo
2003Bed occupancy and overcrowding as determinant factors in the incidence of MRSA infections within general ward settingsBorg, Michael Angelo
2019Broad-spectrum antibiotic use in Europe : more evidence of cultural influences on prescribing behaviourBorg, Michael Angelo; Camilleri, Liberato
2011Burden of antimicrobial resistance in European hospitals : excess mortality and length of hospital stay associated with bloodstream infections due to Escherichia coli resistant to third-generation cephalosporinsBorg, Michael Angelo; Xuereb, Deborah; Kraker, M. E. A. de; Wolkewitz, Martin; Davey, Peter Garnet; Koller, Waltraud; Berger, Jutta; Nagler, Jan M.; Icket, Claudine; Kalenić, Smilja; Horvatić, Jasminka; Seifert, Harald; Kaasch, Achim J.; Paniara, Olga l.; Argyropoulou, Athina D.; Bompola, Maria; Smyth, Edmond G.; Skally, Máiréad; Raglio, Annibale; Dumpis, U.; Kelmere, Agita Melbarde; Ghita, Mihaela Camelia; Noble, Michelle; Kolman, Jana; Grabljevec, Stanko; Turner, David P. J.; Lansbury, Louise; Grundmann, Hajo J.
2010Characterisation of MRSA from Malta and the description of a Maltese epidemic MRSA strainScicluna, Elizabeth Anne; Shore, Anna C.; Thürmer, Alexander; Ehricht, Ralf; Slickers, Peter; Borg, Michael Angelo; Coleman, Slickers; Monecke, Stefan
2007Clinical waste disposal - getting the facts rightBorg, Michael Angelo
2007Clinical waste disposal and CDC standard precautionsBorg, Michael Angelo
2007Coming clean on hand hygieneChetcuti, Sarah; Montefort, Maxine; Scicluna, Elizabeth; Borg, Michael Angelo
2006-03Community acquired MRSA infections : a new challengeBorg, Michael Angelo