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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A basic number theoretic resultBorg, Peter
2001The cantor setBorg, Peter
2010Cross-intersecting families of partial permutationsBorg, Peter
2010Cross-intersecting families of permutationsBorg, Peter
2012Cross-intersecting sub-families of hereditary familiesBorg, Peter
2020Cross-intersecting subfamilies of levels of hereditary familiesBorg, Peter
2015A cross-intersection theorem for subsets of a setBorg, Peter
2000Equivalent intervalsBorg, Peter
2009The Erdős-Ko-Rado properties of various graphs containing singletonsBorg, Peter; Holroyd, Fred
2014Erdős-Ko-Rado with separation conditionsBorg, Peter
2009The Erdős–Ko–Rado properties of set systems defined by double partitionsBorg, Peter; Holroyd, Fred
2009Extremal t‐intersecting sub‐families of hereditary familiesBorg, Peter
2020The Hilton-Spencer cycle theorems via Katona's shadow intersection theoremBorg, Peter; Feghali, Carl
2013A Hilton–Milner-type theorem and an intersection conjecture for signed setsBorg, Peter
2000Infinite setsBorg, Peter
2008Intersecting and cross-intersecting families of labeled setsBorg, Peter
2011Intersecting families of sets and permutations : a surveyBorg, Peter
2012Intersecting families of sets and permutations : a surveyBorg, Peter
2018Intersecting families, cross-intersecting families, and a proof of a conjecture of Feghali, Johnson and ThomasBorg, Peter
2015Intersecting generalised permutationsBorg, Peter; Meagher, Karen